Friday, March 23, 2012

Team Peeta vs. Team Gale

There's never been a choice here for me. Never a question. From the start of the books to the finish, I've always been on one Team only.

To be honest, it wasn't until I finished Catching Fire for the first time that I noticed this was even a question. That people were dividing into different Teams. I was completely shocked by it. I mean, is there really any other options but one?

     Team Peeta all the way!

How can it ever be Gale? He's her best friend, that's it. Sure, he's a good guy. He provides for his family. They hunt together. He's good looking (Liam Hemsworth is a good choice for that argument). He's smart. He's tough. Him and Katniss have a special bond.

Blah blah blah.

How could it ever be anyone but Peeta? I mean, really?

He's so giving, loving, perfect, selfless, and kind. Maybe he doesn't have the hunting skills like Gale, but he's strong. He can fight.

And for those who call him things like Nancy-boy because he paints and bakes instead of hunts? *Glares* I'd take the painter any day. And before you argue back, but if they were starving, how would he provide? Come on. He's Peeta. He'd find a way. He does whatever he has to, whatever it takes, to keep those he loves alive. Even if it means sacrificing himself. Because he's that kind of guy.

There was a post done about this on Monday over at YA Confidential. Alison does a much better, and more eloquent, job describing why it should always be Team Peeta. Check it out if you're not convinced. Or even if you are, you'll just fall more for Peeta than ever. Trust me.

Team Peeta for the win! (I need to get myself a t-shirt or something.) And I just had to add this last picture because it made me laugh.

So, what about you? Team Peeta, or Team Gale. Come on, you know the right answer.


  1. I'm a Peeta girl too. I think that someone like Katniss needs the beauty of a painter to balance out all the tragedy and death in her life. And as for the "how would he provide for his family" question. He's a baker. And Katniss is a hunter. He doesn't have to go out with a knife and an arrow.

  2. Oh yes, Team Peeta! I never really saw Gale set up to be anything but the friend. I think if Katniss ended up with Gale I'd burn the book just out of spite. Lol.

  3. I was always Team Peeta. He is awesome and handsome. :)

  4. how about team Katniss? But if I had to choose, it would also be Peeta.

  5. I really feel that Gale was a plot device. He never felt like a love interest to me. Mention of him in that way in 2 pulled me out of the book more than I care to admit.

    I don't think there's a team. I think there's Katniss, and Gale is superfluous - I mean, look at the end of book 3. Total plot device.

    Peeta all the way - shouldn't have been a question!

  6. For Katniss? Or for me? Cause I preferred Gale's personality while reading the first two books. I think I liked the strength and all. But, after watching the movie last night and reading this post, I am feeling swayed because my hubby is more like Peeta. My hubby doesn't know how to take a car apart and reassemble it, but he does the regular maintenance. He doesn't hunt, but is a great shot at target practice. And when he lost his job, he did anything and everything he could do to support his family until he got hired for a position that he specializes in. So now that I think about it, I'm Team Peeta! Look at that! A conversion right here on your blog! :)

  7. PPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! No question about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the only one for katniss. In the third book, I got so upset when they found out that the Capitol made peeta stop loving katniss. But I here things work out and by the way I here that gale's bomb attack is what killed prim! So gale should never have thought he belonged with her. But.......... If things were different, peeta and josh hutcherman are all mine!!!!!!!'