Monday, March 12, 2012

Fear of Fantasy

     I grew up reading Fantasy. It was my first love. I've read almost all of the Dragonlance books, all the Piers Anthony, loved David Eddings, and swooned over Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.
     With this love of Fantasy came the obvious wish to write Fantasy. It's what I always thought, hoped, and planned I'd write. I have a drawer-full of Fantasy stories started, but never finished.
     Now I'm starting a new WIP. It's... yep, Fantasy. And I'm TERRIFIED.
     No. Clue.
     Maybe it's because I expect to WOW in my own Fantasy MS like the authors I read as a child wowed me. Maybe it's because I don't think I'll make up a world that is interesting and fantastical enough. Maybe, it's simply because I'm afraid I'm going to start yet another Fantasy story and never finish it.
      Maybe it's something else entirely, because the one thing I do know, is that I've had this fear of writing Fantasy since I started writing as a kid. I've always failed at it.
     What makes me think I'm going to succeed now?
     That question alone makes me tremble in my leather office chair. Even though I've managed two complete novels (and a third 95% complete), I still have the fear of FAILURE. For some reason, Fantasy does that to me. I hope hope hope that I will be able to overcome it this time.
     Now it's time for me to stop hoping and start doing.


  1. You can do it! The thought of writing Fantasy scares the pants off of me. There's so much involved. But think of it this way, you've had lots of practice for this. All of the rest of your attempts were gearing you up for this :D

  2. Fantasy makes me feel that way too :). Keep that determination going and you'll be fine.

  3. Fantasy was my first love in a book too. :) You can do it! I'm currently writing a fantasy novel and though it is harder in some ways because I am not only creating people, but a whole world and culture to go along with it... it's very rewarding. Have faith in yourself and you can do it. :)