Thursday, March 22, 2012

Books to Movies

     On someone else's blog this week (can't remember whose) they asked which books would they like to see as movies. Most people answered NONE, because they don't like their fave books butchered, as movies from books sometimes do.
     I completely disagree. Yes, sometimes movies do butcher the books. I think my least favorite book turned movie was probably Confessions of a Shopaholic. I even liked the movie version of Eragon though most people don't. And when they turned Terry Goodkind's books into a TV show, I watched it religiously, even though they changed a lot of the major plot points from the books.
     Most of the time, the movies actually make me like the book MORE. It's true. Movies bring on a completely different excitement for me. I can't really describe it, but there's something about seeing books I love come to life in a way I could never do on my own.
     For example, The Hunger Games. I liked the books when I read them. Liked them. This time around as I'm rereading, I'm LOVING them. I'm super excited for the movie. I have ants in my pants waiting for Saturday night to roll around. While my hubbie thinks the movie is going to suck (I had to refrain from smacking him for that comment), I think it's going to be AWESOME.
     Now maybe I'm just getting caught up in all the hype. Some would criticize me for this. But really, is that WRONG? I don't think so. Because of all the hype, because of my newfound excitement, I'm reading the books again, and I'm reading them with a lot more depth and focus. I'm appreciating them more this second time around. And I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who are rereading like me, or who will pick up the books for the first time because of the movie. How is that a bad thing?
     When I go to The Hunger Games this weekend, I know things won't be exactly as I imagine them. I know things will be cut from a book. I know it won't be exactly the same. But that's okay. Because I'm getting to see a book I love come to life before me on the big screen. And that's an amazing thing.


  1. I just tagged you in the new campaign tag going around. Stop by to get the rules.

  2. I like to watch the movies when I haven't read the book for a while. If I just read the book then I get really nitpicky about what's wrong with the movie, but if I can't remember then I'll just let it go. I'm sooooooo excited for Hunger Games! One thought - maybe the third movie will be even better if they actually include some sort of relationship. (everyone knows what I'm talking about)

  3. Stopping by Prerna.
    Emily- I'm the opposite. I like to read the book right around the time I go see the movie. Don't know why really because yeah, then I know what they've put in and what they've cut. But I sitll do it.

  4. I actually liked the movie version of Eragon too. And I love the movie version of The Lord of the Rings, though I did love the books first. I don't like all movie adaptations since Dear John, the ending was kinda wrong and My Sister's Keeper, they butchered the ending. As long as they don't change the ending or major plot points, I usually like the movies. :) But I do make a point to read the book first since it is usually a little better.

  5. I actually liked the movie ending of Dear John better than the book one! It wasn't so horribly sad.

  6. Did you read the book Eragon before seeing the movie? Because I saw the movie first and thought they completely skipped the character building part. But I wonder if someone had read the book first, if they didn't need that because they read about the character. Hum.

    I like watching movies made from books. I like seeing another person's interpretation of the story, but something else. And I know I'm going to get all logical and stuff. But, when a book is made into a movie, people go and buy that book. More than originally would have. That pushes book sales up which in turn demands more authors and books to cover the market because more people are buying books. And I agree with you. It opens up the reading world to people who wouldn't normally feel inclined to read a book.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more. As long as nothing major gets butchered (like the ending in the movie version of Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper) I'm okay. Take Harry Potter, for instance. In those movies there was plenty of stuff that had to be cut or slightly altered just because of the sheer length of the books. In the end, they were awesome.

    I have high hopes for The Hunger Games, and judging from what I've seen already in previews and whatnot, I think that it's going to be awesome! :D

  8. I agree with you. Most times I see the movie then go and read the book, like with Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Cold Mountain, and Revolutionary Road. I'm a bit backwards, but I know the book always has more to offer, so rarely am I disappointed when I go and read the book after seeing the movie. Don't feel so bad!