Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't Censor Yourself

I've been thinking about voice a lot lately and have come to this realization: Don't Censor Yourself.

I'm not talking about swear words here. I'm talking about those times when we're writing and we think something that maybe is a little weird or confusing and so we change it, streamline it, make it more "normal" for our readers. Or maybe we haven't done that- maybe we've written without censoring ourselves, and then a beta reads it and says, huh? Or strikes it out. And so we go along with it because we don't want our readers to be confused.

The more I think about voice, the more I realize it's our uniqueness that makes our voice. The way we say things in a completely different way than someone else. The truly great writers don't censor out their uniqueness- they go with it. They write it. Those are the sentences we are wowed by.

Example. The Book Thief is full of this kind of writing which is why it's one of my favorites.

The last time I saw her was red.

Does this sentence really make sense? No, it doesn't. But you keep reading anyway because you're intrigued...

The sky was like soup, boiling and stirring. In some places, it was burned. There were black crumbs, and pepper, streaked across the redness. (page 12)

Amazing. Seriously. To think of comparing sky to soup for one, and then for making it work so easily. The Book Thief is full of sentences like this. Even simpler ones, where the author uses one unexpected word to convey his meaning. Like this:

Of course, there was also the scratchy feeling of sin. (page 169)

Instead of using a word like awful or horrible, he uses scratchy. Which really doesn't make a lot of sense, but yet it DOES. It conveys an image more vivid than horrible ever would have done.

We can't censor out those interesting/different/weird/crazy ways of saying things. That's what will make us stand out as writers. That's what gives us VOICE.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

1. Have you heard the latest couple mash-up? Yep, apparently some fans have done it to The Hunger Games main characters Peeta and Katniss. Can you see where this is going? Yep... Peeniss. Hahahaha! That totally makes me giggle like a little kid. Read about Josh Hutcherson's reaction to the nickname here.

2. Waiting is HARD. You'd think I would've learned patience by now.

3. Have you seen this pic of Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean? Can't wait for this movie!!!

4. I keep thinking we're done with snow here in Alberta and then it snows again. Apparently our province didn't get the memo that it's spring.

5. I'm taking my daughter to see Mirror Mirror this weekend. Should be fun!

6. What is with Alaric going all psycho on Vampire Diaries? I love the show, but that storyline is a little bit out there.

7. I'm working on the sequel to Daze because I hate to leave things unfinished. I'd forgotten how much I love Jessica as a character. It's nice to immerse myself in her world again.

8. Anyone know any phrases or titles with the word Days in it? I'm trying to title my sequel and wanted to play on the word Days/Daze again but can't think of anything great.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best Book 'O March

This week's Road Trip Wednesday hosted by YA Highway is asking the question they usually ask at the end of the month:
What was the best book you read in March?

(And yes, I totally have that Hot Chelle Rae song stuck in my head, thanks YA Highway. But it's okay, I like it like that. Haha!)   

Holy Moley, I read A LOT of books this month! And as usual, a lot of great ones. But if you look at these pictures, you can probably guess which book I'm going to choose.

I'm gonna choose The Hunger Games, just the first book because that remains my favorite of the three. There's something about those books that stick with you. Something that stuck with me even though 1- I'm not a fan of dystopian, and 2- I usually like books with a lot more dialogue. Maybe because it was such an original idea. Maybe because of the action. Maybe because of the very memorable characters. Maybe because of Peeta. Who knows. What I do know is, I like it like that. (Told you the song was in my head.)

Coming a close second, The Sky is Everywhere and The Summer I Turned Pretty. Both great contemporary reads. Loved the stories, the words, the images both books conjured up. Those are definite must-reads, especially if you love contemporary YA.

What was the best book you read in March?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

My teaser this week for Teaser Tuesday, hosted by Miz B. at Should Be Reading, is from Looking for Alaska by John Green.

The Colonel explained to me that 1. this was Alaska's room, and that 2. she had a single room because the girl who was supposed to be her roommate got kicked out at the end of last year, and that 3. Alaska had cigarettes, although the Colonel neglected to ask whether 4. I smoked, which 5. I didn't. (page 14).

What are you reading today? Any great teasers?

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Bit of Everything

I'm happy to report that the Hunger Games movie did not disappoint, in case you didn't make it to a theatre this past weekend. It was great to see the world come alive- the houses in the Seam, the arena, especially the Capitol. The main characters were AWESOME- I was especially impressed with Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, but that's probably because I was the most worried about his portrayal (still Team Peeta!). My only gripes are very minor- they could've amped up the action a bit more, not to make it more bloody, just more suspenseful, and they cut out some of my favorite lines (one of the great things about the Twilight movies). But that's it! It was a great movie and it's gonna be a loooong wait for the DVD.

And because I haven't done Crush of the Week in ages... You know I gotta do it.

Completely unrelated... I was tagged last week by Prerna at The Sands of Writing for the 7 meme that's going around. Here's what you do:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating
4. Tag 7 authors
5. Let them know

This is from Daze and Knights because Sway is still out with readers right now.

But it was hard to ignore the feeling that my insides were about to burst right out of my skin.
Lord Alric waited for me on the practice field, looking all godlike and handsome.
“Good morning,” he said.
I stopped breathing and moving and thinking. “Uhh…” It was way too early in the morning for this. My brain hadn’t started working yet. “Hi,” I finally managed.
“Are you ready to learn the sword?” he asked. “I must warn you, it will prove very difficult for you.”
I nodded forcefully. Heck yeah, I was ready. Ready to show Lord Purvis that he couldn’t mess with me.

And because I occasionally like to break the rules, I'm ignoring rule #4 and 5. If you read this and want to take part, consider yourself tagged.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tonight's The Night!

I just wanted to say...


And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Team Peeta vs. Team Gale

There's never been a choice here for me. Never a question. From the start of the books to the finish, I've always been on one Team only.

To be honest, it wasn't until I finished Catching Fire for the first time that I noticed this was even a question. That people were dividing into different Teams. I was completely shocked by it. I mean, is there really any other options but one?

     Team Peeta all the way!

How can it ever be Gale? He's her best friend, that's it. Sure, he's a good guy. He provides for his family. They hunt together. He's good looking (Liam Hemsworth is a good choice for that argument). He's smart. He's tough. Him and Katniss have a special bond.

Blah blah blah.

How could it ever be anyone but Peeta? I mean, really?

He's so giving, loving, perfect, selfless, and kind. Maybe he doesn't have the hunting skills like Gale, but he's strong. He can fight.

And for those who call him things like Nancy-boy because he paints and bakes instead of hunts? *Glares* I'd take the painter any day. And before you argue back, but if they were starving, how would he provide? Come on. He's Peeta. He'd find a way. He does whatever he has to, whatever it takes, to keep those he loves alive. Even if it means sacrificing himself. Because he's that kind of guy.

There was a post done about this on Monday over at YA Confidential. Alison does a much better, and more eloquent, job describing why it should always be Team Peeta. Check it out if you're not convinced. Or even if you are, you'll just fall more for Peeta than ever. Trust me.

Team Peeta for the win! (I need to get myself a t-shirt or something.) And I just had to add this last picture because it made me laugh.

So, what about you? Team Peeta, or Team Gale. Come on, you know the right answer.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Books to Movies

     On someone else's blog this week (can't remember whose) they asked which books would they like to see as movies. Most people answered NONE, because they don't like their fave books butchered, as movies from books sometimes do.
     I completely disagree. Yes, sometimes movies do butcher the books. I think my least favorite book turned movie was probably Confessions of a Shopaholic. I even liked the movie version of Eragon though most people don't. And when they turned Terry Goodkind's books into a TV show, I watched it religiously, even though they changed a lot of the major plot points from the books.
     Most of the time, the movies actually make me like the book MORE. It's true. Movies bring on a completely different excitement for me. I can't really describe it, but there's something about seeing books I love come to life in a way I could never do on my own.
     For example, The Hunger Games. I liked the books when I read them. Liked them. This time around as I'm rereading, I'm LOVING them. I'm super excited for the movie. I have ants in my pants waiting for Saturday night to roll around. While my hubbie thinks the movie is going to suck (I had to refrain from smacking him for that comment), I think it's going to be AWESOME.
     Now maybe I'm just getting caught up in all the hype. Some would criticize me for this. But really, is that WRONG? I don't think so. Because of all the hype, because of my newfound excitement, I'm reading the books again, and I'm reading them with a lot more depth and focus. I'm appreciating them more this second time around. And I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who are rereading like me, or who will pick up the books for the first time because of the movie. How is that a bad thing?
     When I go to The Hunger Games this weekend, I know things won't be exactly as I imagine them. I know things will be cut from a book. I know it won't be exactly the same. But that's okay. Because I'm getting to see a book I love come to life before me on the big screen. And that's an amazing thing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


     This week's Road Trip Wednesday is the kind of question I wish I had days to prepare for. Here it is:
A long-awaited kiss, a surprise ending, a character's sudden decision… these are the moments that make us smile, gasp, and LOVE a book for the rest of our lives.
What is your favorite literary moment?
     Why do I wish I had days? Well, I'm never gonna remember those moments. I have the WORST memory. One of the reasons I like to reread is because I'll finish a book, then my husband will read it and say something like, what did you think of when this happened? Or who is this person? And my answer is usually, Huh??? Cuz I don't remember.
     I can tell you though that for a long time I've been meaning to post about those moments books and movies have where you literally lose your breath for a minute. And even through rereadings and rewatchings, I still feel that way. Why I haven't posted about it? I don't remember all the ones I want to mention. But I'll try to think of a few.
*Warning, Major Spoilers Ahead*
     Since it's Hunger Games week, I have to mention one of the best moments in The Hunger Games, a moment I reread over and over during just one sit-down because I want to fully capture it.

     Another moment which I just read last night in Catching Fire, was this:

"I'm not glad," says Peeta. "I wish we had waited until the whole thing was done officially."
This takes even Caesar aback. "Surely even a brief time is better than no time?"
"Maybe I'd think that, too, Caesar," says Peeta bitterly, "if it weren't for the baby."

     I think one of the reasons the whole trilogy is so good is that it's chock full of these moments where you're like WHAT??? Even though you know what Peeta's doing here, it's still a total shock to read.
     And of course, the queen of these bomb-dropping moments is JK Rowling. She is so good at twists and turns that leave you speechless. The best of all? One of the best moments I have ever read- from The Deathly Hallows:

    There are millions more I could choose, millions more I don't even remember, but this post is getting long enough as it is. But I can tell you, it's those moments that do make you fall in love with a character, a certain part, the whole book. It's those moments that keep me coming back and rereading, because I remember the feelings I had experiencing it the first time. It is those moments that I hope to create in my own novels.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching Fire and LDS Blogfest

     This is gonna be Hunger Games week on my blog. Just warning you. Since I'm reading Catching Fire right now, my teaser for Teaser Tuesday (hosted by Miz B. at Should Be Reading) comes from there.

"My nightmares are usually about losing you," Peeta says. "I'm okay once I realize you're here." (Catching Fire, page 86)

Awww. Go Team Peeta!

     And just another little note, completely non-Hunger Games related: I'm signing up for the LDS Writer Blogfest again this year. Usually Krista over at Mother.Write. hosts it but this year Kayeleen over at Kayeleen's Creation Corner will be setting it all up. So if you're an LDS writer, head over to her blog and sign up. It's a great blogfest where we all blog about a favorite conference talk.
     Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bella vs. Katniss

     Well, I finished re-reading The Hunger Games yesterday, I have my tickets bought and my seats picked out for the movie this Saturday, and I've finally decided to cave and buy the boxed set of hardcover books instead of waiting for the paperbacks of books two and three to come out (what is the deal with that anyway???). So, I'm in full-on Hunger Games mode this week.
     Yesterday, I was reading an article where they pitted Bella vs. Katniss in a three-round fight to the finish. Except the article focused more on the actresses Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence than the characters themselves. But it got me thinking...
     I think it's obvious that if you put Katniss and Bella (pre-vamp) in a ring and had them duke it out, well duh- Katniss would whoop Bella's behind anytime.
     BUT... and here's where people are going to start yelling and throwing things at me...
     If we're talking about which character I RELATE more to? Well, I have to say Bella.

     I know, I know, Bella is sometimes whiny, sometimes emotional, sometimes weak. Katniss, on the other hand, is the opposite of all those. She's one tough chick and a kick-butt heroine.
     But I don't relate to Katniss. Barely at all.
***Disclaimer: it doesn't help that Katniss lives in a dystopian world- the kind of awful world I don't prefer to read about.***
     Aside from that though, I get Bella. Not that I'm really like her, but I relate to her. Her awkwardness, her sense of unimportance, the fact that even though she's weak and human surrounded by supernaturals, she does what she can with what she has and who she is. Her emotions and actions make sense to me.

     I don't relate to Katniss in the same way. Maybe if I lived in a world like she does, I might get her more (see Disclaimer above). But since she does, I can't help but think "why?" sometimes when she does certain things. Not, of course, when she takes her sisters place in the reaping. I'd like to think I'd do something that noble. But there are other times as I was reading- can't remember where exactly (wish I could)- when I'd shake my head and wonder about her, why she was doing or thinking a certain thing.
     This isn't me saying that I don't like Katniss as a character or that I don't like the novels, because obviously, I do. I guess it's more me defending Bella who sometimes gets a bad rap when she's compared with a character so wildly different as Katniss.
     One things for sure though, if I were in the arena, I'd much rather have Katniss as my ally than Bella.
     Then again, I would definitely prefer to live in Forks with Bella over living in one of the Districts.

Friday, March 16, 2012


     Since starting me new WIP last week, I've written a whopping... 1,193 words.
     After staring at the computer screen yesterday for about fifteen minutes and not typing a word, I was left wondering, well, first of all, what the heck's my problem??? then second of all, how do we find inspiration?
     Immediately I came up with a zillion things we can do to find ways to help us along in our writing. There's of course the easy ones: read, go on a walk, people watch, do a writing exercise, and the most obvious: write anyway, even if it's crap.
     I should've done the last one. Instead I walked away, choosing to finish the book I was reading.
     There's other things I've done in a jam when I don't know where to go with my WIPS: brainstorm with someone, character studies, and something that works extremely well for me- cleaning or doing some other mindless task that let's my mind float free and come up with different ideas.
     So the main question I have for myself is: Why didn't I do any of those things? Why haven't I for the last two weeks? Again- what is my problem???
     Ahhhh, if only I had the answer. I don't. But I do have a determination to make next week a better one than the past two. And hopefully, if I find myself stuck with what to write next, I'll come back and read this post and try one of the things I mentioned to get me going.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Have Suitcase, Will Travel

     Here's today's Road Trip Wednesday Prompt, hosted by the awesome girls over at YA Highway:

In honor of the release of Kirsten's WANDERLOVE yesterday--which is amazing, by the way; get yourselves to a bookstore if you haven't!--we bring you a travel-themed RTW prompt today! If you could wander anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

     Pick anywhere in the world to go? Please? Can I??? I've got a suitcase, I'm ready.
     Seriously, there are so many places in the world I would like to see. I'm not exactly a world traveler. I've been to five Canadian Provinces: BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. I've driven through most of the United States. When I was eighteen I got to visit a small town in France called Perigueux. And the cruise I went on last November allowed me quick glimpses of the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas.
     I feel lucky to have been where I have so far. BUT...
     Top on my list? PARIS. This might be an obvious choice for a lot of people, but I took French Immersion all through school and have always dreamed of living there. Although it would take awhile for me to get the language back.
     Second? Italy. Anywhere in Italy. Rome. Venice. That little town on the side of the mountain in the movie Only You. Anywhere. Ahhhh, I die just imagining it.
     After that, I want to go everywhere. Hawaii. England. Scotland. Spain. Any tiny little gorgeous tropical island most people see only in magazines. I would go ANYWHERE. I love to travel. In another life, it's just me, and that's all I do.
     And now I'm going to just sit and stare at this picture for awhile...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teaser Tuesday and a Contest!

     Teaser Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Miz B. at Should Be Reading. Here's  my teaser for this week from Pride and Popularity by Jenni James:

     My heart was beating so fast that if it had wings it would've fluttered away. He's got dimples! Guys should never have dimples. They get away with everything when they do. Breathe, Chloe. (page 41)

     And a just-so-you-know... Ryann Kerekes over at Novel Addiction is hosting a contest. You send her your query and she'll choose her fave and pass it along to her agents at Literary Counsel. Check out her blog while you're at it- she wrote what sounds like a very fun YA circus novel. Can't wait to read it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fear of Fantasy

     I grew up reading Fantasy. It was my first love. I've read almost all of the Dragonlance books, all the Piers Anthony, loved David Eddings, and swooned over Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.
     With this love of Fantasy came the obvious wish to write Fantasy. It's what I always thought, hoped, and planned I'd write. I have a drawer-full of Fantasy stories started, but never finished.
     Now I'm starting a new WIP. It's... yep, Fantasy. And I'm TERRIFIED.
     No. Clue.
     Maybe it's because I expect to WOW in my own Fantasy MS like the authors I read as a child wowed me. Maybe it's because I don't think I'll make up a world that is interesting and fantastical enough. Maybe, it's simply because I'm afraid I'm going to start yet another Fantasy story and never finish it.
      Maybe it's something else entirely, because the one thing I do know, is that I've had this fear of writing Fantasy since I started writing as a kid. I've always failed at it.
     What makes me think I'm going to succeed now?
     That question alone makes me tremble in my leather office chair. Even though I've managed two complete novels (and a third 95% complete), I still have the fear of FAILURE. For some reason, Fantasy does that to me. I hope hope hope that I will be able to overcome it this time.
     Now it's time for me to stop hoping and start doing.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Question- Need Answer. (And A Rant About Love)

     I've read in the past that three months is the typical wait time before you nudge an agent on a full. Now I'm hearing it's six months. Anyone know? I've passed the three month mark but don't want to nudge too soon.

      And in a completely unrelated and random thought... I watched the 2009 version of Wuthering Heights yesterday. Have I mentioned I HATE Wuthering Heights? I do. Why did I watch the movie then? Tom Hardy. Ahem. I mean, Tom Hardy. No, what I meant to say was, I'm trying to find something redeeming about the story. (But seriously, Tom Hardy.)

     I didn't. Find anything redeeming I mean. Sure, you fans out there will argue what an epic love story it is, how much Cathy and Heathcliff love each other, so much so that Heathcliff begs Cathy's dead corpse to haunt him.
    Ugh. They don't love each other! If they did, they would be nicer. They would let each other live their lives. They wouldn't torment each other. It's such a twisted, poisonous love, it makes me sick. It's awful. Seriously.
     Call me... I can't think of the right word for me, but I like love stories to be a bit... lovelier. They don't always have to end well, it doesn't have to be smooth sailing the whole way through, but there needs to be something GOOD about love.
     Okay, no more ranting about Wuthering Heights. Anyone know the answer to my agent question (the reason I'm posting in the first place)?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Random Thought Thursday: One Day More

     I just have one random thought this week: I wish I could sing.
     I watched the 25th anniversary Les Miserables DVD while exercising this week and the whole time, as I'm singing along and butchering that beautiful music, I can't stop thinking,
     But let's face facts. I can't sing. This is one of those impossible dreams that I can dream about but will never happen. My writing dream is possible, with a lot of work, but I can't change my mediocre voice.
     Since I won't ever play Eponine, watch this instead- my fave song.

     And PS: I can't can't can't wait for the Les Mis movie coming out at the end of the year.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Name This Life

     This week's Road Trip Wednesday is a doozie. Well, maybe it's easy for some of you but for me... gah!

NAME THIS LIFE: What would your memoir be called?

     How can I possibly title my life??? Okay, wait... Some possible ideas...
     Last night I finished The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (LOVED IT!!!) and she used a word that I loved: messessentialist. How life is essentially messy. That's what my memoir could be called.


     Or... the first title I had for Daze and Knights was this, which could easily be the title for my memoir:

     Diary of an Average Girl

     You can see why I changed the title. No one wants to read about someone average. But, well, that is my life. Pretty average. Nothing majorly crazy, but with a few hiccups along the way.
     Or... I can go with something that pretty much describes me in one sentence:

She Lives in Her Head

     So, you can see I'm not great at titles. It takes lots and lots of brainstorming for me to come up with one (sometimes polls and surveys too and the use of the synonym thing on Word).
     What would the title of YOUR memoir be?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

     It's been awhile since I've done Teaser Tuesday (hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading) but I just have to do it today because I swear, every line of the book I'm reading now is pure magic.

This is what happens when Joe Fontaine has his debut trumpet solo in band practice: I'm the first to go, swooning into Rachel, who topples into Cassidy Rosenthal, who tumbles into Zachary Quittner, who collapses onto Sarah, who reels into Luke Jacobus- until every kid in band is on the floor in a bedazzled heap. then the roof flies off, the walls collapse, and when I look outside I see that the nearby stand of redwoods has uprooted and is making its way up the quad to our classroom, a gang of giant wooden men clapping their branches together. Lastly, the Rain River overflows its banks and detours left and right until it finds its way to the Clover High music room, where it sweeps us all away- he is that good. (The Sky is Everywhere, page 24).

     I'm not quite halfway through, but this book is genius. Jandy Nelson is the kind of author that uses words in new and surprising ways, and her characters jump right off the page and into your lap. I'm crazy-loving it. Put it on your TBR list right now!

Monday, March 5, 2012

2nd Campaign Challenge

     For the Second Campaigner Challenge hosted by Rachel Harrie at Rach Writes, I'm going for Flash fiction with prompt #2. Straightforward and easy except I'm going to write in a genre I don't normally write in. So here I go...

     I watch my son chase after the ball, wishing I could run after him.

     I wish for a lot of things these days. Like the ability to kick the ball towards him. Or the strength to pick him up in my arms and squeeze him tight. I wish I could see his tiny hands grow strong. Maybe he'll use them to hold a hammer, or strum a guitar, or design beautiful buildings. I will never know.

     I will never know what he'll wear on his first date. I will never see the baby fat fade from his chubby cheeks. Will he wear his head shaved or will his dark brown hair wave around his ears?

     My son will turn into a man and I won't be there to see it. Who will soothe his first broken heart? Who will cheer on his first win? Who, in this entire world, will love him like I do?

     There is no one.

     I watch my son chase the ball and I ache for every second I will never spend with him. And my heart breaks inside my dying body.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Me Likey

     I'm always late on trends. I swear, I get into things way later than everyone else. I didn't start Harry Potter until the fifth book was out and after the first movie, I didn't start Twilight until that first movie was out. I'm no trendsetter, that's for sure. So these two things that I'm loving right now- they are probably old news to a lot of you. But in case you haven't heard...

     Yesterday I read The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. Yesterday. Because I could Not Stop Reading. It was one of those books you just dive right into and don't want to loosen from your grip. When I wasn't reading it, my fingers were practically twitching to pick it back up again. The story is simple, it's not this big concept or anything, but I just loved it. And now, after reading it, I want to go lay on the beach. And I'm wishing I had a summer home for my kids to go to every year. Sigh. Check out this quote- probably my fave from the book:
I felt that old lurch, that gravitational pull, that desire to inhabit him- like wherever he was in this world, I would know where to find him, and I would do it. I would find him and take him home.
     The other thing I'm loving right now? Hot Chelle Rae. I went on Wikipedia and was surprised to learn they've been around since '05. See? I'm way behind. Anyway, love the feel-good pop sound they have going on, love their whole album, and I especially love this song:

     What are you loving right now? Anyone want to bring me up to date on what I might be missing?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Late Late Late

     I missed yesterday's Road Trip Wednesday. I spent most of the day at the airport or on a plane and didn't get home till late last night. (FYI- trip to Vegas was lots of fun except Celine Dion cancelled her concert- the whole reason we went in the first place! Argh!)
     Anyway, I'm going to answer yesterday's prompt anyway, which is,
What was the best book you read in February?
     I read some great books in February and liked them all:

     I LOVED Goliath- the end of Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan Trilogy. I've already mentioned it before but these books are a must read. I was also very impressed with Beautiful Chaos- the third book in that series so far. I liked it better than the second though not as much as the first, but then I like firsts. Like Mandarin was a great contemp read, and I was totally into Tempest- a whole time-travel world that is different from mine but very exciting (and I loved the boy POV).
     But my favorite book of the month? Definitely Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. There's something about her books that really draw me in. I have to confess a petty annoyance with the backwards dialogue tags she uses quite a bit (..." said Tessa) but that's my ONLY complaint! I love the world she creates in her books, the characters are memorable and mesmerizing, and I can't stop thinking about it all days afterward. Her books are the kind I wish I could jump right into and live in.
    What was the best book you read in February?