Monday, March 19, 2012

Bella vs. Katniss

     Well, I finished re-reading The Hunger Games yesterday, I have my tickets bought and my seats picked out for the movie this Saturday, and I've finally decided to cave and buy the boxed set of hardcover books instead of waiting for the paperbacks of books two and three to come out (what is the deal with that anyway???). So, I'm in full-on Hunger Games mode this week.
     Yesterday, I was reading an article where they pitted Bella vs. Katniss in a three-round fight to the finish. Except the article focused more on the actresses Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence than the characters themselves. But it got me thinking...
     I think it's obvious that if you put Katniss and Bella (pre-vamp) in a ring and had them duke it out, well duh- Katniss would whoop Bella's behind anytime.
     BUT... and here's where people are going to start yelling and throwing things at me...
     If we're talking about which character I RELATE more to? Well, I have to say Bella.

     I know, I know, Bella is sometimes whiny, sometimes emotional, sometimes weak. Katniss, on the other hand, is the opposite of all those. She's one tough chick and a kick-butt heroine.
     But I don't relate to Katniss. Barely at all.
***Disclaimer: it doesn't help that Katniss lives in a dystopian world- the kind of awful world I don't prefer to read about.***
     Aside from that though, I get Bella. Not that I'm really like her, but I relate to her. Her awkwardness, her sense of unimportance, the fact that even though she's weak and human surrounded by supernaturals, she does what she can with what she has and who she is. Her emotions and actions make sense to me.

     I don't relate to Katniss in the same way. Maybe if I lived in a world like she does, I might get her more (see Disclaimer above). But since she does, I can't help but think "why?" sometimes when she does certain things. Not, of course, when she takes her sisters place in the reaping. I'd like to think I'd do something that noble. But there are other times as I was reading- can't remember where exactly (wish I could)- when I'd shake my head and wonder about her, why she was doing or thinking a certain thing.
     This isn't me saying that I don't like Katniss as a character or that I don't like the novels, because obviously, I do. I guess it's more me defending Bella who sometimes gets a bad rap when she's compared with a character so wildly different as Katniss.
     One things for sure though, if I were in the arena, I'd much rather have Katniss as my ally than Bella.
     Then again, I would definitely prefer to live in Forks with Bella over living in one of the Districts.


  1. Lol, I'd take Forks over one of the Districts too! I love this post--I think I may have read that article too. It's true, Katniss kicks booty while Bella stands around and whines. But you make some valid points!

  2. the comparison is pretty ridiculous, they have nothing in common! And if I had to pick one I relate to more, it would be Bella, too.

  3. I agree with Prerna. They have nothing in common. But, I actually like Bella more too. Not only can I relate to her, but she seems more real I guess. And yes Katniss is kick-butt in the first book, but I thought she got whiny in the rest of the series. Whereas Bella gets stronger as the series unfolds. But again, two VERY different stories, settings and circumstances. :) Oh, and I live close to Forks, so yeah, I'd choose Forks any day. Shoot, I choose Washington everyday!

  4. Totally get what you're saying. I can't imagine ever fighting someone, let alone shooting them with an arrow. But pining over a hot guy? Been there, done that.

  5. I've read all three of the main actors in Hunger Games being asked what they think about Twilight comparisons and they all think they shouldn't be compared because they're such different stories! Same is true with Katniss and Bella. They are so different, it's silly to compare.

  6. I think an interesting follow-up question would be: which would you prefer to write? Would you prefer to write someone who's a lot like you, or someone who's very different to you? I think the former is a little too easy (and those that know me might spot the similarities and draw all kinds of conclusions depending on the story), so I think I tend toward the latter. Writing characters that are unlike me forces me to put myself in very different shoes and try to understand motivations I don't have.

  7. Honestly, I hate Twilight and I think Bella is super annoying, but I understand your reasoning. I prefer Katniss and I like her story better. :)

  8. Very interesting. It makes me want to read HG (I haven't yet--don't shoot!) for reasons other than it being a bestseller.

  9. Great post! I'd never really thought to compare these two, and I can see why Katniss would whoop human-Bella's butt! But I agree with you that Bella is the heroine I more easily relate to. That said, I think I enjoyed Hunger Games on a totally different level than I did the Twi-series simply because it was soo out of my comfort zone. Very different books, very different young women. But yes, definitely would rather live in Forks with friendly vamps than in District 12 (or 1-11 and 13, for that matter).

  10. I totally agree with everything in this post. Bella isn't my favorite, but I do relate to her more. Katniss is so awesome, but really, who can relate to her awesomeness? Great post. :)

  11. ...I wrote a short story a while back, titled "Katnissss," focusing on exactly that, a chance meet and greet, so to speak ;)

    It ended up running a gauntlet course through Facebook, and remains one of the funner shorts I've penned in quite some time.

    In honor of the upcoming movie, I re-posted it several weeks ago.

    Such daydreaming we wordsmith's do...


  12. bella is far more relatable as a character than katniss and she's funnier too. i hate the stereotypical knee jerk twilight hate. sure it isnt a great book but who cares, it was entertaining enough. i like the hunger games but i feel like im so far away from katniss or something.