Wednesday, March 21, 2012


     This week's Road Trip Wednesday is the kind of question I wish I had days to prepare for. Here it is:
A long-awaited kiss, a surprise ending, a character's sudden decision… these are the moments that make us smile, gasp, and LOVE a book for the rest of our lives.
What is your favorite literary moment?
     Why do I wish I had days? Well, I'm never gonna remember those moments. I have the WORST memory. One of the reasons I like to reread is because I'll finish a book, then my husband will read it and say something like, what did you think of when this happened? Or who is this person? And my answer is usually, Huh??? Cuz I don't remember.
     I can tell you though that for a long time I've been meaning to post about those moments books and movies have where you literally lose your breath for a minute. And even through rereadings and rewatchings, I still feel that way. Why I haven't posted about it? I don't remember all the ones I want to mention. But I'll try to think of a few.
*Warning, Major Spoilers Ahead*
     Since it's Hunger Games week, I have to mention one of the best moments in The Hunger Games, a moment I reread over and over during just one sit-down because I want to fully capture it.

     Another moment which I just read last night in Catching Fire, was this:

"I'm not glad," says Peeta. "I wish we had waited until the whole thing was done officially."
This takes even Caesar aback. "Surely even a brief time is better than no time?"
"Maybe I'd think that, too, Caesar," says Peeta bitterly, "if it weren't for the baby."

     I think one of the reasons the whole trilogy is so good is that it's chock full of these moments where you're like WHAT??? Even though you know what Peeta's doing here, it's still a total shock to read.
     And of course, the queen of these bomb-dropping moments is JK Rowling. She is so good at twists and turns that leave you speechless. The best of all? One of the best moments I have ever read- from The Deathly Hallows:

    There are millions more I could choose, millions more I don't even remember, but this post is getting long enough as it is. But I can tell you, it's those moments that do make you fall in love with a character, a certain part, the whole book. It's those moments that keep me coming back and rereading, because I remember the feelings I had experiencing it the first time. It is those moments that I hope to create in my own novels.


  1. When you said HUNGER GAMES, I was ready to read on. Then you said CATCHING FIRE... *uh oh* scrollscrollscrollscroll... I've not read beyond THE HUNGER GAMES so, sorry... I'm avoiding spoilers. Though I am taking opinions on whether people think books 2 and 3 are better, worse, darker, or what? I've been warned that after the first book, the series gets darker and not as good. I'd be interested in your thoughts. :)

  2. Mine was HUNGER GAMES inspired today too! You are so right about all of the major bombs Suzanne Collins drops throughout her books. I'm rereading them right now too (I totally forget things) and it's amazing just how many of these moments are in there. Can't wait for the movie! :D

  3. Hahaha! I remember that bit with Peeta thinking "WHOA WHAT DID I MISS?!?"


  4. Great Hunger Games moments...there are so many in that series...and HP, of course.

  5. Very nice Hunger Games moments :D There were indeed a lot of times where I went "huh!" or "No he/she didn´t"!


  6. JK Rowling does twisty so well! And you know, I have memory issues, too. I can't even count the number of times where I left a movie theater thinking "Wow! That was awesome!" and then can't actually recall any awesome scenes or dialogue. I've had to start mentally cataloguing things I want to remember while I'm watching or reading, otherwise it will all just seep into the grey recesses of my brain.

  7. The advantage of having a memory like a sieve is that when you reread a book, you discover all the lovely bits all over again! But seriously, I love these kinds of reveals where as the reader you're all, "Gasp!" and as a writer you're all, "That's brilliant! Takes it in an unexpected direction yet FITS PERFECTLY!"

  8. Hunger Games - Peeta is really a tricky character and I love that about him! :) Those are some great moments of WHAT?. And JK Rowling is great at twists, that is an amazing scene! It always makes me want to cry when Snape is holding Lily and Harry is crying behind him.

  9. I'm totally the same way. I mark all my books on Good Reads because half the time I forget that I've even read them...

  10. I read THG ages ago and I'm determined not to reread until after I've seen the movie. I've probably forgotten heaps of moments in it, but I can't wait to rediscover them after Saturday! :)

  11. OMG - I think I love Catching Fire more than HG. I have it on my MUST REREAD NOW list, but I also know that if I start reading it, I will have to shut life off for five hours. Not possible at the moment.