Friday, April 18, 2014

A-Z Challenge: P is for Previews

Previews. Or as they are also called: Trailers. Yep, I like 'em. I get cranky if I miss them. I also get cranky if I've seen the same one over and over. Unless it's a gooder and then I just get excited.

The best thing is when I'm so caught up in an awesome preview that when the opening credits on the actual movie start to roll, I'm like, what movie am I seeing again? If it's a movie I'm excited to see, in that moment I get excited all over again.

Here's some great previews from movies that I can't wait to see!

And my P song for the day from the Catching Fire soundtrack:
This is a really great fan made video, but it features the song Place For Us by Mikky Ekko
It also has clips from Catching Fire and they do give a spoiler warning in case you haven't seen the movie. (and if you haven't, why not???)
*I've provided links for all the videos in case they don't work


  1. My wife considers watching the trailers part of going to the movies. No matter what the movie, the experience isn't complete if she missed the trailers! It's interesting to see what movies are coming up, and often the trailers are enticing, and give you a good idea whether it's a movie you'd enjoy. There are, however, two preview trends that I've noticed of late that bug me. First, either the trailers themselves are long, or the time allotted for showing trailers is long. A trailer should be like the 250-word query letter: long enough to tease, but not so long you feel like you've seen the movie already. I consider 2-3 mins to be ideal. 5+ mins will wear on my patience. And if I've gone to see a 2-hr movie, I don't want to be spending 30+ mins watching previews for movies I'm not there to see. :) The second is where all the best parts of the movie are in the trailer, so when you see the movie, you're disappointed. More than once I've been to see a comedy based on how humorous the trailer was, only to find the funniest bits were in the preview.

    Good topic, Melanie! :)

  2. I totally agree with you on comedy trailers. You think the movie is going to be funny but all the funny parts were in the trailer! I tend not to see comedies in the theatre in general- I prefer to spend the big bucks on the big movies.
    I disagree about teasers though. I can't stand teaser trailers- you know the ones that are like a minute and they really show nothing about the movie whatsoever. I remember one for the first Hunger Games which was basically Katniss walking through the forest. Ugh. Not a fan of teaser trailers.

  3. I cannot wait to for all of these movies! I just saw the first If I Stay trailer last night and it brought back all the emotions of that book. Oh, the emotions. And the Fault In Our Stars one? Oh ... I cannot wait.