Thursday, April 17, 2014

A-Z Challenge: O is for Organization

I'm a pretty organized person. I have to have a schedule for the day or else I'd go crazy and probably never get anything done. I blame my mom. She's super organized, way more than I will ever be, but some of it definitely rubbed off. For example, she had a daily cleaning schedule, I have a daily cleaning schedule, one that I tweaked a bit to better suit me.

Monday- groceries
Tuesday- all bathrooms, laundry
Wednesday- the upstairs, plus sheets and towels laundry
Thursday- the main floor plus kitchen
Friday- the basement

Not only that, but once I'm done my cleaning for the morning, I exercise, shower, then blog if I have time. After lunch is my writing time, usually until the kids get home from school and then I become chauffeur. I started seriously writing while my oldest was in preschool from 1-3 and the younger ones had nap time. Since then, it's been my go-to time. Every day is mostly the same, and I like it like that. In fact, I get a touch cranky when other things creep into my schedule and mess it all up. ;)

What about you? Organized, or not so much?

I didn't do an N song for yesterday because I had so much other stuff going on in that post. This is what it would have been: No Matter What by Boyzone, an oldie but goodie. (Okay, it's not THAT old.)

Today's O song has nothing to do with being organized but it is my "happy place" song in case I'm stressed out to the max.

Over the Rainbow the Glee Cast version
(I may be cheating a bit here by not calling it Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Oh well)
I also like the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version.


  1. I like to be organized, especially in terms of a schedule, because I know I'm a lot more productive if I have achievable goals for the day. While I don't get cranky if something comes along to mess up my schedule, but I do have a particular time window in which I exercise. If something invades that time slot, I'm not happy. The reason for this is because I really don't like exercising, so scheduling it for a particular time of the day helps make it a habit, and we don't like breaking habits. :)

  2. I'm not organized enough. I just do those types of things when I need to. Like when we're getting out of something we need on a daily basis, milk for instance, then I'll go to the store. Or laundry whenever the baskets are full--or the kids have no more clean pants for the next day. :)

    I should try being better organized though.

  3. I would say I'm pretty organized. One of the best ways I have to keep organized is to have a place for everything. A system, so I can process mail or whatever comes into the house. And then find it later!

  4. I feel I can't sit down and write until I've cleaned up the house (not spring cleaning;). Then I'm good to go! I feel more organized and free to be creative instead of worrying about the dishes, laundry etc.

  5. I'm a list maker for sure. It makes me feel better to have a list of things that I know I need to get done and in what order I hope to get them done, however, I almost never listen to the list and end up doing it out of order.