Thursday, April 10, 2014

A-Z Challenge: I is for I Like To Dream Cast

Okay, my I is a bit of a stretch, I know. (I was going to do I is for Ice Cream and Other Desserts, but I'm trying to eat healthy and posting pics or even talking about yummy desserts is just going to make me hungry.)

Soooo, I is for I LIKE TO DREAM CAST. And you can't stop me! No matter what I write, I always like to find actors and actresses who I think would be best in the role. Someone who looks like the character does in my head and/or who would be able to pull of all the traits of my character. Sometimes I even base a character around an actor, or rather, an actor playing a specific character. For example...

Rupert Penry-Jones played Captain Wentworth in Persuasion (2007) so of course, who else could I imagine as my Eric in SWAY. And Josh Hutcherson as Peeta was total inspiration for my character Mark in EPONINE.

And some of the other actors/actresses I've cast in my three most recent books...
Yep, those are some of my characters. And now, my I songs for the day. A new(er) song I love and an old(er) song that I still love!

It's Time by Imagine Dragons


  1. I enjoy when other people dream cast, but I am personally terrible at it!

  2. I've even been known to describe characters as looking like such-and-such an actor or actress! Thanks for dropping by my blog, btw.

  3. I LOVE THIS CAST. <3 OMG Josh Hutcherson is my boy. <33

    I love It's Time, Imagine Dragons are my favourite band.

    Please visit my blog,

    I'm also participating in the A-Z challenge and my theme focuses on books and the titles of them.

  4. I love to dream cast, too. I created a story board on Pinterest for my "dream tream."

  5. I think dream-casting is fun, really helps in imagining your characters vividly :)