Monday, June 25, 2012

The Best TV This Summer

Who says there's nothing to watch on TV in the summer? Some of my favorite shows are on right now.

Wait, I'm supposed to talk about writing, you say?

Too bad.

There have been so many great things on TV that I've been crazy for lately that I just can't help sharing them.

1. So You Think You Can Dance

If you don't watch this show, you really should. Okay, maybe dancing isn't your thing. Maybe Mary Murphy and her screams annoy you a little. But then again, you can see awesome dance numbers like this one, one of my faves from last season:

2. Hell's Kitchen

Yes, Gordon Ramsay bleeps a lot. And he's so mean. He would make me cry in about two seconds flat. Actually, if I ever just walked into his kitchen I'd probably cry if he so much as looked at me. But this show is so darn entertaining, it's awesome. And it makes me want to eat Risotto and Beef Wellington.

3. Breaking Pointe

Again, if you don't like dance, chances are you won't like this show either. But I have to mention how much I LOVE it. Yes, it can be cliched at times, but it's real dancers dealing with real problems. I absolutely love the dynamic between the dancers and seeing the world of ballet from backstage is super exciting.

And my absolute fave this summer, which actually isn't on TV right now, but who cares...

4. Downton Abbey

What took me so long to watch this show??? It is AWESOME. So addicting. I started watching it while on the treadmill but couldn't stop and ended up finishing both seasons in one week. I've got just the Christmas Special left to watch and then it'll be one very long wait until January for next season. ARRRGGGH! (That's me dying over here.)

Season One Trailer

Season Two Trailer


  1. i LOVE SYTYCD, and I think I'd probably like Breaking Pointe too, but I've never seen it. Hells kitchen, yeah, a little too much bleeping for me, and too much drama - at least in the episodes I've seen... Downton Abbey, I want to wait until season two is on Netflix before I finish season 1, because I got tired of all the drama and I want to bypass it as quickly as possible, lol! Love it though, it was just really...... negative vibes, I guess... Good shows!

  2. I'm kind of hooked on BREAKING POINTE, but I'd like less drama more dancing, you know? I know the drama is what makes it a CW show, but I'm watching it for the dancing. Ah well.

    So glad you got around to DOWNTON ABBEY! Isn't it great?! And you have the best episode ever still to watch. Can't wait until Season 3. :)

  3. I just had to stop by and read this post when I saw 'best' and 'TV' in the same sentence. I'm not sure any of the shows on your list would be things that I would watch. But I may try a few when I get tired of watching the same darn explosions on Mythbusters reruns.

  4. Ah Yes. It took me too long to try Downton Abbey, and now I too am addicted. And I LOVE Gordon Ramsey shows. Especially Kitchen Nightmares. I watch his British shows on Netflix too. :)

  5. The dancers on those shows are AMAZINGLY talented. And I'm finally watching the first season of Downton Abbey,love it so far.

  6. I've not watched Downtown Abbey yet, but I heard a lot of good things about it. I might have to check it out! :)