Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Phantom of the Opera

     I watched The Phantom of the Opera last night (the movie not the live, on-stage version). Why my obsession with musicals lately? Well I've got a CD case in my van and I usually listen to whatever I'm in the mood for. Just after christmas I decided I would listen to EVERY CD. I'm now at the part of the case that holds soundtracks. I've already listenend to Moulin Rouge, Hairspray, and Chicago. Now I'm on Phantom and Fame will be next.

    I wasn't even sure I wanted to watch the movie in the first place because I was tired and it's a long movie. I made the right decision. I haven't watched it in forever but I loved every second. If you'd have been there to witness it, you would have seen me roll my eyes at the mist, laugh at Minnie Driver's brilliant performance, cry at the end (poor Phantom), and hold the blanket up to my mouth to cover my foolish grinning. I got all giddy at certain parts. Who knows why. Clearly, I have issues. Or maybe just a great love for beautiful music. Probably both. 

     Why the reason for this post? None really. Except I'm still hearing the songs in my ears, I've got the images of the characters floating in front of my eyes, and I'm feeling it all in my soul. Sounds cheesy but it's true. Another reason: pretty pictures.
Can you believe that's Gerard Butler?!


  1. This is one of my very favourite musicals ( Fiddler on the Roof is another)Growing up in a little town on Northern Alberta, a girls who had graduated from my high school about 10 years before came back to visit our drama club. At that time she was playing the LEAD role in Phantom at Her Majesties Theatre in London. AAHHHHH! It was like meeting a movie star. She was so nice and sat with us for an hour and answered all of our questions. She sang a few bits of songs. It was BLISS! I was sure I was going to be a famous actress........She was so inspirational.
    Thanks for reminding me of these beautiful songs, they will now be stuck in my head for a few days too I am sure :)

  2. That is Gerard Butler??? Who knew LOL! This is one of my favorite shows as well. And the music definitely sticks with you after you see the show. I should borrow it from has been YEARS since I last saw it.