Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Loves: Veronica Mars and MY BOOK COVER!!!

This will be the last time I do VERONICA MARS for a Friday Loves post, I swear. I just finished the third season, plus the movie, and LOVE!!! Love love love. I really get it- the hype, the fandom, the absolute mystification on why this show was ever cancelled because it is genius.

Except... I truly think Veronica belongs with Piz, not Logan. As much as I love Logan, I think they have something a little toxic going on. Piz is perfect for her. Just my opinion.

My second love this week is... MY BOOK COVER!!! Yes, I officially have a cover for SWAY! EEEEK!

Yes, I will be revealing it soon. DOUBLE EEEEK!

And super yes, I LOVE IT!
What are you loving this week?


  1. you're right...VM did rock...her commercials are cute too

    so where is the cover (scratches head)

  2. Yay cover!

    I just finished rewatching Veronica Mars last week (I finally acquired all three seasons on DVD, it was necessary) and actually loved it even more the second time around. It was such a fantastic show and I'm endlessly disappointed that it was cancelled.

    I have to disagree on Veronica and Logan. I do think their relationship was toxic at times, given Logan's emotional distance and Veronica's complete lack of trust. After everything she'd been through, Piz was comfortable and safe. But after ten years I think Piz would have helped Veronica realize that there are people she can let in and Logan would be tempered by taking responsibility for himself and joining the Air Force. People change a lot in nine years, but they still fell together like puzzle pieces. I don't think she ever would have been happy with Piz, just like I can't picture her being happy defending Fortune 500 companies. They were...epic.

  3. I agree with Rachel. Veronica and Logan! I am actually watching the movie right now. Near the beginning is a slow motion bit where he leans against his car and she walks towards him. The déjà vu was so strong I actually got butterflies for a second.