Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Loves: BAD BLOOD

I find that when I buy a new CD, it takes a few listens before I really love it. Like with Taylor Swift's 1989 album. On the first listen, I felt like her last albums were better. Listen two and three and I was developing some favorite songs, and by listen ten it's pretty much a given that I love the thing!

Funny enough, BAD BLOOD hasn't been a fave of mine. That is, until I saw the video. I love how T-Swift put her friends in it, how it's a bunch of butt-kicking chicks, and how she's taking a jab at the supposed feud with Katy Perry in a cheeky way. Even though I still prefer BLANK SPACE, STYLE, and SHAKE IT OFF over BAD BLOOD (and quite a few other tracks from the album), the video has definitely notched the song up a few points for me.

Do you ever do this? Like a song better, or maybe worse because of the music video?

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