Wednesday, February 15, 2012


     Words are weird. Have you ever noticed? Sometimes, it'll just hit me. I'll say some word in a sentence or use it in my writing and stop for a second and think, fork is a weird word.
     This week's Road Trip Wednesday is all about the words we love and hate.

117th Road Trip Wednesday!
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This Week's Topic:
I have it on good authority that Kody hates the word "panties," and Steph can't stand "supper."
What words do you absolutely hate? Which ones do you adore?
     Okay, I've been sitting here for way too many minutes trying to think of words I hate. The only ones I could come up with are... yep, swear words. It's true. I hear them, read them, and I cringe. They bug me. They annoy me. They anger me when people are spewing them in front of my kids.
     Before you try to pull me off of my high-and-mighty horse, I'll admit that I went through a potty-mouth phase in my teen years. I got over it, but still used the occasional word when I felt particularly angry or whatever. Then I had this roommate in college who said something to me that I will never forget. She said that using swear words shows a lack of intelligence. I haven't used one since.
     Ooh, I thought of another word I don't like- eagerly. Don't know why. But it bugs me. Eager is okay. Eagerly? Not so much.
     As to words I love... I don't know if there's any one word I love. Words combined to make a beautiful song, or story, or scene, that's what I love. Later today I'll probably think up some words I really love or hate, but for now, that's the best I can do.
     What words do you love or hate?


  1. Great idea.

    I hate the word moist.

    I'm also not a fan of swear words.

    And when I'm reading, my least favorite adverb is gingerly. It bugs me every time :)

  2. These posts should have been an on-going thing over the course of the day with additions whenever we think of more words. I came up with quite a few, but I know others will pop into my head. I've also heard that swearing shows a lack of imagination as well.

    I have to agree with you on the stringing together of words in a unique way, or a way that moves you in a song or whatever. I'm so envious of people who do this well (like Laini Taylor). :-)

  3. I'm totally with you on the combination of words. I should begin taking notes every time I read a great sentence. The way an author (or poet) puts words together to evoke an emotion or convey an idea is the best form of "show-don't-tell." When you understand a character's feelings because you FEEL it in the way the words sound, not just what the words say, that's exquisite writing.

  4. Not that I'm trying to convince you to swear or anything, but I'm not sure that I agree with this: "using swear words shows a lack of intelligence" I think there are ways to intelligently use swear words, just like any other words.

  5. Jaime- I've never read Laini Taylor- i'll have to get on that.
    Colin- I think Markus Zusak is a writer who puts words together in a way thats so unexpected yet amazing. Read him if you haven't.
    Crystal- its not finding intelligent ways to use swear words, it's using your intelligence to find other words than those to express yourself. That's the way I see it, anyway.

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  7. Every year the Germans officially elect a word and an un-word of the year.
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  8. I'm with you on the swear words! It is hard to pick individual words to love, because there are so many, so I love that you focused on the combination of words to create something beautiful.

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