Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Money Money Money

I present to you today's Road Trip Wednesday question:
The Veronica Mars Kickstarter success makes us wonder, what YA book would you raise $2 million to see a movie version of?
Confession #1: I never watched Veronica Mars

Confession #2: I would never raise money for someone else to make a movie. Why am I so stingy you ask? Well, for one, it's not like I'm rolling in it. I've got four kids and I'm a stay-at-home mom. For two, movie people make SO MUCH MONEY (most of the time) so why should I shell out? You know how much it costs for me and the hubs to get a babysitter and go to a movie just once???
A LOT!!!

Okay, I'm done with the money rant.

Just because I probably wouldn't pay someone to make a movie out of a book I love, doesn't mean there aren't TONS of books that I'd love to see made into movies. In fact, almost every book I read I imagine what it would be like on the big screen.

#1: Anna and the French Kiss. (Wait, I used this answer last week!) Who wouldn't want to see Anna's love story unfold in Paris? Of course, if we have Anna, then we'd have to have Lola too.

Etienne St. Clair? 
Okay, this guy is actually French, not British, and probably too tall... but who the hey cares???

#2. The Leviathan Trilogy. It would be very difficult (maybe even impossible?) to make these books into a movie, but wouldn't they be SO COOL? I would love to see some of the machines and animals come to life on screen.

#3. The Fallen series and The Hush, Hush Saga. We've had vampire movies, zombie movies, witch movies. Where are the angel movies??? Both of these book series would make great movies. And let's not forget the totally hot male leads. Rawr.

#4. Anything by Ally Carter. Wouldn't her Heist Society or Gallagher Girls series be great movies? Ooh, or maybe a TV series! It would be so fun!


  1. As you know, I'm totally with you on the LEVIATHAN series. And I think the only way to do it justice is to animate it in the same style as Keith Thompson's illustrations in the book. It's such a good story, in the right hands it would be an amazing movie. :)

  2. I totally agree with the not really willing to use your own money for a movie. As a grad student, I have almost none. BUT, I took the question as what book would I like *others* to contribute to a kickstart for? I would probably only have $5 to give, but I can hope that other people would be more financially invested.

    I'm thinking I need to get into the Leviathan series...

  3. I have to confess to never having watched Veronica Mars either. :)

    I'm totally with you on 'Anna and the French Kiss'. One of my absolute favourite YA books. I wouldn't mind swooning over Etienne on the big screen.

  4. Never watched Veronica Mars either. City of Bones is angels and demons, and the movie is out in August. You are the second to recommend Leviathan for a film, and to be very enthusiastic about a film adaptation. I am going to have to check the series out.

  5. i totally get where you're coming from. I'm a Veronica Mars fan, but I wasn't about to donate to the kickstarter, especially when I could spend that money on getting my kids swimming lessons this summer.

  6. Ha, so I'm not the only one that hasn't watched an episode of Veronica Mars. Good to know. I am also in agreement about not wanting to shell out my own hard-earned and exceedingly sparse dollars for the benefit of Hollywood millionaires. This Leviathan series seems to be a popular one. I might have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love Veronica Mars and even I was surprised how quickly they raised that money. It seemed like they had barely announced the possibility of the project and all of a sudden a hundred thousand people (give or take) had shelled out over 2 million. I'd kill to have that kind of fan base. Lol.

  8. I remember the TV series, but I never watched it. Good to know I'm not the only one. Although, I might donate a dollar or two to have a book I cherished and loved to have made into a movie. And I think we all can agree with Megan with desiring "that kind of fan base."

    You're book selection seems to coincide with the masses, so hopefully someone out there is listening or reading and sees that they are produced.

  9. I never watched VERONICA MARS either. By the time I heard it was a good show, it had already been cancelled, and who wants to watch something that doesn't have an ending? Now that they're making a movie I might have to check it out though. I'd also love to see ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS made into a movie. LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR would be great too. And I could definitely live with the guy in that picture playing Etienne. :)

  10. I plan to Netflix Veronica Mars - it's always been on my list of things to watch. Anna and the French Kiss would totally work and I would Netflix that too!

  11. Unrelated to your RTW post - I just saw that you're reading Clockwork Princess. I LOVED that book! I'm assuming you're reading it for the first time, and if so - I'm jealous and I wish I could read it for the first time again. Hope you're enjoying it!

  12. Confession: I, too, have never watched Veronica Mars. It's not available on Netflix streaming, either, so there's no guarantee of me getting to it in the next decade.

    Also, I am fully on board with staring at Etienne St. Clair for two hours. And listening to his accent, of course.