Friday, May 25, 2012

Funny Ha Ha

Blog Me Maybe: May I Share Something Funny?

Confession: I think Amanda Bynes is hilariously funny.

You might disagree. But I don't care! Her movies are fun, cute, sweet, and nastiness-free which is always a bonus. Here's my faves and some other reasons why I like them besides Amanda Bynes.

Where I first fell in love with Channing Tatum

A great Snow White retelling

I never say no to Colin Firth

I miss this show...


  1. I loved What I Like About You, watched it all the time. I like her, too, but with her recent DUIs I think she's following in Lindsay Lohan's direction. Sad.

  2. I'm a major Amanda Bynes fan too. :) I wish she was in more movies, though.

  3. "What I Like About You" was a great show!

  4. I loved "What I like about you" - great show! "She's the Man" is one of my favorites movies. Hilarious!!!! :) And I like Sydney White too. Amanda Bynes is just great - I'm a fan too!

  5. I loved "What a girl wants!" SUCH a great one! But she was kind of nasty in Easy A. Still, that was a great movie, too!

  6. This was a great trailer. She definitely has the ghetto slang down pat. I am gong to have to check this film out. Thank you!