Friday, May 4, 2012


I posted twice yesterday. If I hadn't been such a keener, I could've just posted my query and first 250 words this morning and used those for Blog Me Maybe: May I Share Something Funny. Cuz c'mon, they're funny. (I think they're funny anyway.)

So I decided to give you a choice. Go to last night's post and hopefully you'll get some laughs from my query,


Watch this. A clip from my all-time favorite TV show. It's up to you. You've got the power.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

"C'mon Will, just take off your shirt and tell us!"


  1. i've been watching reruns of Friends and no matter how many times I've seen the episodes, they still make me laugh. Definitely my all time favorite show.

  2. You've won the sunshine award! This is a blogging award to bring some sunshine (and a bit of camaaderie) to your blog and pay it forward. Details on my blog here: