Friday, January 6, 2012

Please Advise Me, Oh Smarty-Pantsers Out There

     Here's a question for all those smarter and/or more experienced writers than me, or for those who have just gone through this particular problem before.
     I sent a query to a specific agent, followed all the guidelines, and never got a response. On their website it says that if you don't hear from them after eight weeks, you can resend. So I did. Again- after eight weeks- no response.
     What do I do? Do I send it for a third time? That seems almost pushy to me. Or, do I try a different agent within the agency? Or is that bad form. I don't know what to do and I don't want to be a pest.
     Any advice?


  1. I hate this. You wonder if your email got lost, or went to spam. You wonder if they ever saw it at all. This is the only reason I like form rejections. At least then you know you can move on.

    My favorite is the agencies that send an automated "We've received your email".

    I'm not sure what to do. I'll be popping in to see if someone else has real advice. Good luck!

  2. I've started using send receive. At least it lets me know they got it. Other then that. Not sure. I'd probably try another agency first.

  3. I read on an agent's blog that if they don't send anything back, you should assume they're not interested and move on. I say try somewhere else. Good luck!

  4. Unless they specifically say if they won't get back to you unless interested, then I'd resend. Also, research the agent and find out if they're behind on queries and whatnot.

  5. If they didn't say that you won't hear back from them unless their interested, than expect either a rejection letter or an invitation to submit your work.

    They say eight weeks? I'd give them a little longer, especially if those eight weeks were over the holidays. Once you've given them a little more than eight weeks, I would actually email the agent with a very short and sweet note that you have sent it twice, and haven't heard back and did she get it or should you send it again. Make it seem light and friendly and chop it up to a computer glitch.

    I would not at all re-send to another agent within the agency until you receive the rejection, and even then it may be a little too soon. Every agency website I've seen says not to submit to more than one agent at that agency.

    You never know if the agent just hasn't gotten to it because of the holidays, or she saw it and thought it'd be better for another agent within the agency.

    Usually when they say they're going to get back to you though, they do, even if it's a form rejection letter.

    I had one agent who had my full for weeks longer than she said she'd have it and finally I sent her a short little email to ask how it's going. She replied quickly and thanked me for checking up on it, even apologized for taking so long. I've had another who said she'd get back to me, and didn't within the time she promised, so I sent her a note and the very hour she sent me a form rejection letter. Said she had already sent me one, but for some reason I hadn't gotten it.

    And this is only one agent you're waiting on right? You're sending queries to others in the meantime?

  6. Thanks for the comments. I'm not in a hurry right now but I'm very interested in this agency so I may wait (I'm waiting on a full anyway) and then send a little note later asking if the query was ever received. Maybe it's gone to spam twice- who knows! Thanks for all the help!