Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awesome Songs and An Irish Crush

     I thought I'd lay off talking about music for awhile, but I just can't help myself. I've loved Christina Perri ever since Jar of Hearts on SYTYCD (love her). I'm also a Bruno Mars fan (love him). And if you couldn't tell by the Breaking Dawn widget at the side of my blog, I'm also a Twilight fan (love it all). So what happens when you combine the three?
     Pure magic in the form of two songs on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack that I just had to share if you haven't heard them yet.
A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

     I have to do crush of the week since I won't be seeing much of this guy anymore. He just got booted from DWTS on Tuesday, or rather, his partner Nancy Grace was booted. Anyway, I love his dancing, he's such a cutie, and I go ga-ga over that accent (even the way he says "turd" instead of "third")! So this week's Crush of the Week: Tristan McManus. (Can he be my partner when I make it on the show one day?!)


  1. Yes to perri. Yes to mars. And YES to Tristan. If anyone was ever more deserving of the name he is. I just found him this week.

  2. Somehow I knew you'd post about him this week. OO, nice soundtrack. I'm getting excited for the movie to finally come out.

  3. I'm not a Twilight fan, but I like these songs regardless. (Is it just me, or is it ridiculous when someone dislikes a song just because of what a movie/book franchise it's associated with?)

    Anyways! I gave you an award! ^_^ It's over at my blog.