Saturday, August 16, 2014

My PitchWars Bio

It's my first year participating in PitchWars and I'm super excited to...

Wait, what? I have to write a bio? And it has to be clever and make me sound awesome and all accomplished and stuff?

I never signed up for this!


No, okay. I can do this. So here's a little bit about me.

I started writing in grade two. Title of my first masterpiece: Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Bloody Mary.
Yeah, I don't know why I wrote that either, Simon
I didn't really take writing seriously until after I had four kids. Because, yanno, suddenly it seemed like the right time.
My kids, every time I sit down at the computer
I've been at this for five years. Sometimes it sucks.
Most of the time it's awesome.
I'm Canadian, eh!
I collect t-shirts. Like this one:
Even though I'm thirty-cough-cough, I still like boy bands. Don't judge me.
I sing loud and badly but play the piano better. I used to take dance (jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, swing) and I often dredge up old dance moves in my kitchen, bathroom, while driving, cleaning, ANYWHERE ANYTIME.
I think I look like this.
Or this.
Or this.
But I probably look more like this.
I don't like to be touched. So please don't hug me. Unless it's virtual. Those I can handle.
I'm a bit of a genre whore. I've written YA time-travel, YA magical realism, and Adult romance/retelling. My PitchWars manuscript is YA Urban Fantasy. It's a loose retelling of Eponine, the character from Les Miserables (in case you didn't know).
So there's a little bit about me. Now we're besties and you can pick me as your mentee- I'll do anything you say. Just, no hugging.
I mean pick me. PICK ME.



  1. I also decided post-children was a great time to start writing. Totally logical.

  2. Your book sounds awesome! I love Eponine :)

  3. Great to meet you, and what a fun bio! That Friends gif makes me lol - love Friends! :-) Good luck in PitchWars!

  4. Hee hee. I'm a random dancer, too. Your book sounds great --- love Eponine!!

    Good luck!