Monday, February 24, 2014

Writer Recharge Update: Week Three

I feel like I've failed this Writer Recharge thing. I forgot to check in last week, and I've barely got anything done. I'm nowhere near my goal of finishing this gigantic revision. I kinda figured I wouldn't and yet I thought I'd be a bit further along...

There's actually writing on these cards, even though you can't see it
As you can see, my first Act is set. It's the rest that needs work
I did get something done last week despite the fact that I was at my parents house from Sunday through Thursday. I beated out EPONINE using Save the Cat's 15 beats. And then on Friday I got me some index cards and tried to divide my scenes up into three acts (something new for me). I'm having problems with my middle and I was hoping this would help me to make connections between my characters and fill in my middle section. I *think* it worked. I have a plan anyway and now I'm going to continue on with the revisions- I think I'm on chapter 6. I still don't have the middle scenes laid out in detail, but at least I know what I want to happen now.

Here's hoping March is a much better month.


  1. If WriterRecharge has helped give you a nudge that provokes you to progress, even if you don't meet your goals, then it hasn't been a complete disaster for you. There's still a week left, Melanie--make as much of it as you can. At least you'll be facing March in better shape than you were in at the beginning of February. :) Don't look back!

    All the best to you!

  2. what a great idea. i might have to try it out some time. hope you get your middle figured out and keep up the work!

  3. lol whenever I have a sagging middle I either 1. blow something up 2. kill someone off -- works every time :) have a great week!

  4. I live by Save the Cat beat sheets. LOVE that book! And it sounds like you've made progress this month so that's awesome! And you've still got one more week left. Go, MELANIE, GO!