Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ah-May-Zing Books

Today's Road Trip Wednesday wants to know:

What's the best book you read in March?

Wouldn't it be nice if I read one great book and then a handful of crappy ones? Then it would make it easier to pick the best book of the month- something I can NEVER EVER do.

What am I saying??? OF COURSE I don't want to read a crappy book! Sheesh.

Of course, that still means I won't be able to pick a "best," especially out of this bunch:


I think I made up for my dismal display of reading in February

I mean, geez! These books were all ah-may-zing! They really were. But I can actually name two that kind of take the tops for me.

Stolen, by Lucy Christopher. This was like no book I had ever read before. Even though it wasn't exactly action-packed, I found myself reading on and reading on and reading on because I had to know what would happen. I couldn't let the characters go. And even though it's a book that you just KNOW cannot end happily, I oh so wanted it to. Which of course, it didn't. And I probably would have been disappointed if it did. (Which makes no sense, I know.) The book is basically a letter from a victim to the man who kidnaps her. It is Wow. That's all I'm going to say. And you should read it. Like now.

The Selection, by Kiera Cass. I picked this one up at my library because the cover is pretty (true story) and I've seen it mentioned here and there around the blogosphere. Honestly though, I wasn't expecting much. But I LOVED this book! I think because it's like this Hunger Games/The Bachelor mash-up which is just awesome. Having just finished watching Sean pick Catherine and all the Tierra-induced drama from the latest season of The Bachelor, I couldn't help but love reading about a competition that was very similar but set in a dystopian world. My only complaint is that the book ended without getting to the actual end of the competition (what the crap?!?!), but at least there's no doubt that I'll be picking up The Elite which I think comes out in April (yay!).

So what was the best book you read in March?


  1. Silver Linings Playbook, hands down. But I'm starting the Fault in Our Stars this weekend, so that might change :)

  2. The premise to STOLEN sounds quite daring, actually. A lot of places you could go with that, and not all of them nice. I'm intrigued... :)

  3. The Selection is actually the next book on my library pile for me to read, so I'm glad to hear you loved it. And I, too, initially picked it up because it had a pretty cover. (I personally like the whole girls in dresses thing. So there.) And while I don't watch The Bachelor because when I do I get trapped and never get anything done, I would love to read about a fictional competition, especially in a dystopian world, because how can that not be awesome?

  4. I haven't read Stolen or The Selection... I will definitely have to check them out! Thanks! The best (and only) book I read was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

  5. Oh wow, you're a speedy reader, all those books in one month! Super keen to read The Selection now, thanks for the recommendation.