Friday, November 2, 2012

Rah! Goals! Rah!

What do I love today?


What do I love about them?

Accomplishing them!

Okay, that sounded like the worst cheer ever.


So, I set a goal for myself to get my revisions done by the end of October. I was one day late. I finished them yesterday- November 1st. Even though I was a day late, it felt so great to set a goal and get it done.

For all of you attempting NaNo right now, I wish you luck. But mostly I wish you the ability to meet your goals. That's what's so great about NaNo- it forces people to get their butt moving and get 'er done.

For me, I need to have goals with my writing. Writing isn't something I NEED to do, but it's something I LOVE to do and WANT to do. If I didn't set goals for myself, I would never get anything done. That's why I cheer for goals today. Nothing gets me moving like a deadline. And it feels so awesome when I meet it.

So, yay for goals. Now I have a goal to finish my on-paper revisions in two weeks so that I can move on to my R&R for Daze.

Rah! Goals!


  1. Another YAY for goals! Good for you! I also finished an edit recently. It's a good feeling :)

  2. There's something exhilarating about meeting goals, isn't there? Yesterday, I revised a bunch on one WIP and managed to reduce my word count even more. (Yay!) Then I moved on to my NaNo WIP and met my daily writing goal for that. So, yeah, I'm kind of on a meeting my goals rush too. So what's up next post-revision? Querying? I'm looking to query this month and it scares the pants off me! :)