Friday, October 19, 2012

Once Upon A Time

How much do I love this show? Let me count the ways...

Okay, maybe I won't, but seriously, this is one of my favorite shows ever! Every week I'm anxious to see who they're going to spotlight, what new character they're going to introduce. I love the different takes they put on our favorite fairy tale characters. I love the how they intertwine the Storybrooke story and the Enchanted Forest story. I love the new direction they've taken it this season. I love love love the costumes.

So maybe I was starting to count the ways. This really is an awesome show and if you're not watching it, YOU MUST.

And if I was going to dress up for Halloween, I'd so want to be Mulan- I love her outfit and her crazy-long ponytail. Or maybe Snow White. Or even the Evil Queen. The costumes are awesome!!!


  1. Love this show! My husband stopped watching it because all the guys get killed off. lol