Monday, August 13, 2012


WriteOnCon is back!!!!!!!!!

Just posting to say that I'll be MIA for the next few days because, well for one I'm out of town, and for two, any sec I can get on the computer, I'm gonna be WriteOnCon-ning it up!!!

Seriously, it's the best online writers conference EV-AH, so if you've never "attended," then you should head over here to check it out.

Maybe I'll "see" you there. Okay, enough with the quotations.


  1. I'm really excited about Write On Con! I'm on my way to go post... any second now, I just have to reread it... one more time...

    See you there!

  2. So excited!!! I'm sure I'll "see" you around!

  3. SO excited, too. I'm registered as Rachelwritesthings. :) Hope to see you around!