Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Loves

During WriteOnCon, agent Meredith Barnes gave a piece of advice that I found very surprising. She advised writers to blog- but NOT ABOUT WRITING!

Well shoot.

After thinking about it for awhile, I decided to follow her advice a teeny bit. She told writers to blog about something they love (NOT WRITING), and so I decided that every FRIDAY I would do that. Friday will be my day dedicated to something I love (NOT WRITING).

I think you get the point and I can stop all-caps-ing it.

For my first every Friday Loves post, I'm going to share my love of... GLEE!

Okay, I know I'm a little late to the Glee-bandwagon. In fact, I've heard around the internetverse that many people are willingly getting OFF that bandwagon because they've become sick of the show. NOT I! said the pie. That's because I haven't even finished season one yet! I've still got stars in my eyes (and ears) over all the awesome singing/dancing numbers, the relationship drama, and the unexpected tender moments that bring tears to my wide eyes. I still laugh over Sue's over-the-top bad behavior. And I've fallen in love with songs that I've previously despised. (Go figure.)

What's funny is, when the show first came out, I watched one episode and decided I wasn't going to watch any more. Now I LOVE it! Strange.

Anyway, I'm having a major Glee-affair right now and nobody can stop it, not even the up-to-date haters. If, like me, you've ignored the show all this time or didn't give it a chance, here's a little taste. Basically it's the song I get stuck in my head every time I even think the word Glee.


  1. i love their version of Don't stop believing. Having it on my ipod and I listen to it when I run. I kind of fell out of love with Glee during the second season, but it got better during the third...the fourth should be interesting with some of the MCs in college.

  2. Aw Glee. I haven't seen the latest series but enjoyed first two. Like the idea of Friday loves, what fun!

  3. We did watch the first few seasons (favorite episode is Neil Patrick Harris's--the duets with his character and Will are great) but it got to be so extremely soap-opera-ey that we gave up on it. And some episodes had so much soap-opera stuff that there were only 2 mediocre songs.

    And I've been hearing that about writers not blogging about writing for a long time. I do blog about contests and writer's resources, and occasionally my writing, along with places I've been. But realistically, outside of writing my life is pretty boring!

    But I'm at a stage now where I'm examining the kind of return I get on time spent on social media. And honestly, my posts on my blog don't get me as much "authentic" interaction as my comments on other people's blogs do. Or twitter for that matter. And FB is fun, but I don't think I've made any new contacts that way. So I may be switching around how and what I blog.

  4. That's a great idea to write about other things you love! I loved Glee and season one is awesome! I found myself loving songs I didn't love before. Season 2 is pretty good, but the end of season 3 dumped me. I might still look up their music though. :)

    I love their version of Don't stop believing! It's so good!! :)

  5. It's so random I just read this post, but I agree with the advice. I figure I spend a lot of my time thinking about writing, I'd rather blog about something else. Except, I'm not entirely sure other people find that interesting ... ;) Oh well.

    I will always love the music of Glee. It lost a spot on my TV list, just because there were a finite number of spots and I can't cut The Vampire Diaries, but I periodically download a new Glee song because I know it will be awesome.