Monday, December 12, 2011

Music Rights (and an awesome giveaway)

    In Sway, I use the lyrics from two songs. I know I need to get permission to use the rights. My question is this- is it necessary to have the permission before you query? Or can you wait until after?
     I think I remember reading somewhere that agents like you to have that already set before you query. My thing with that is, what songwriter is going to give some nobody rights to their song? Know what I mean? I would think they'd be more willing to allow their song to appear in something that has a good chance of being published, instead of with someone who doesn't even have an agent.
     Any thoughts? Advice?
     I've thought about not including the lyrics at all so I won't even have to bother. But they are so important to the scenes they appear in. My MC reacts to the words quite strongly and without the actual lyrics, you wouldn't get the same sense of why she's upset.
     I'm not planning on querying Sway anytime soon. It still needs to go out to Betas and I need a few more edits of my own (on paper, out loud, etc). But I've been wondering about this rights question for awhile so I'd love it if anyone has any insight.
     Aaaaannnndddd... have you been over to YA Highway lately? Have you seen their winter giveaway? If not, go there. Now. You'll be amazed. Or, don't actually. Then I might have a better chance of winning! Haha.

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  1. John Green talks about copyright for his own book in this video, starting around the 2:00 mark
    So, for him, he had too much of a poem in his book. When he had to cut it down (or pay to use it...which he didn't do) he already had an agent and a book deal.
    I don't know the answer exactly, but based off of this, I'd say in the querying stage it'd be okay.