Monday, August 15, 2011

Week Off for Taylor Swift

     Hey everyone! I'm going off the map... off the grid... I'm blacking out... what's the right way to say it about a blog?
     Anyway, I won't be posting this week because I'm "attending" WriteOnCon. It's my first time- I'm a newbie- but I'm really looking forward to it. Then on Friday I'm going on my one and only trip this summer- to Edmonton (which sadly is only a couple of hours away so it doesn't really count). I'm very excited for this trip though because I'm going to see Taylor Swift in concert! Yay! I can't wait! And just because this post is so short, I thought I'd add Taylor Swift's music video for "You Belong With Me". It was that song, and "Love Story" which inspired me to write for young adults in the first place. Have a great week!


  1. I did WriteOnCon last year--very helpful! I'll be stopping in and out this year. And the Taylor Swift concert was amazing! You'll have a blast :)

  2. Love the video, have fun in Edmonton, lol. Btw, we need to chat we you get back, or maybe when kids are back in school??

  3. Yeah we should chat. I assume you're home now- sorry we could never get together. Emily and I chat about our writing a lot through Blackberry messenger. I don't know if you have a blackberry or something else but that's an easy way. Or if you just want to email me your comments, that would be fine too.