Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Novel Films Blogfest

There's a blogfest going on at Scribble and Edit. You can find it here. I've decided to join since I was honestly curious about my own responses.
So here's the topic of the blogfest:

How many works of fiction have you seen BOTH the film/TV drama and read the original book, play or comic story?

I was surprised at how long my list is. But here it is, what I could remember anyway. There's probably books from High School that I had to read and we watched the movie in class that I just don't remember. (And as you can see, I'm rubbish at pictures- I couldn't figure out how to do a collage, and even though I have the pics nicely ordered, once I publish the post they go all haywire. I have no skills.)

 Harry Potter 1-7- J.K. Rowling
Inkheart- Cornelia Funke
Eragon- Christopher Paolini
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief- Rick Riordan
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader- C.S. Lewis
The Princess Diaries, Avalon High- Meg Cabot
Beastly- Alex Flinn
I Am Number Four- Pittacus Lore
The Vampire Diaries- L.J. Smith
Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse- Stephenie Meyer
Speak- Laurie Halse Anderson

Adult Books:
The Notebook, Dear John, A Walk to Remember- Nicholas Sparks
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood- Rebecca Wells
Sahara- Clive Cussler
P.S. I Love You- Cecilia Ahern
The Work and The Glory 1-3- Gerald Lund
Angels and Demons, The DaVinci Code- Dan Brown
The Firm, Pelican Brief, A Time to Kill- John Grisham
Timeline- Michael Crichton
The Pillars of the Earth- Ken Follett
Wizard's First Rule- Terry Goodkind (Legend of the Seeker)
Something Borrowed- Emily Giffin
Confessions of a Shopaholic- Sophie Kinsella
Possession- A.S. Byatt
Atonement- Ian McEwan
The Time-Traveler's Wife- Audrey Niffenegger

All Quiet on the Western Front- Erich Maria Remarque
The Lord of the Rings 1-3- J.R.R. Tolkien
The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers- Alexander Dumas
Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte
Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte
Little Women- Louisa May Alcott
Anne of Green Gables- Lucy Maud Montgomery
Tom Jones- Henry Fielding
Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey- Jane Austen
Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, Othello- William Shakespeare
To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee
Les Miserables- Victor Hugo
A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, Hard Times- Charles Dickens
Far From the Madding Crowd- Thomas Hardy
The Secret Garden, A Little Princess- Frances Hodgson Burnett
Lord of the Flies- William Golding


  1. Whoa.

    When you list them all out like that, you realize just how many there are - wacky.

    PS, here's my anti-recommendation: I loved the movie "Man Without a Face" (Mel Gibson) as a kid, and then in 7th grade I found out it was based on a book.


    Frankly, it kind of blew my mind, in a bad way. And made me seriously wonder if I had missed some crucial plot developments in the movie.

  2. I'll remember that. I haven't seen that movie in ages and never knew it was a book but I won't put it on my TBR list.

  3. WOW! Fabulous list. Speak looks interesting and I'd like to read The Princess' Diaries as I've seen the films. Very impressive running through your eclectic mix of genres and age groups. Excellent entry Thanks for taking part :O)

  4. Thanks for sharing your list, and all those pretty book covers. Nice blogfesting with you!

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