Saturday, August 13, 2011


     My goal was to have 10,000 words written by today. I got there yesterday. Ooo-aaa! Ooo-aaa! (Okay, that sounded fine in my head but it looks funny written down.) Go me, go me. I'm psyched. If I can keep it up, 10,000 words a week, I could have the book done in about 6-8 weeks. Wouldn't that be sweet! I'm obviously on a writing-high... we'll see how long it lasts.
     I'm finding it really helpful to set goals. My goal is a thousand words a day, not counting Sunday. But striving for 10,000 a week isn't a bad idea either.  I know every writer is different, some set goals, some don't. Some write whenever they can. With Daze and Knights, I just tried to write everyday. I didn't care how many words or how many pages. But I remember once I really got into it, I went crazy, writing as much as I could. This time, especially since I know exactly what's going to happen in the story except for maybe some minor details (I still haven't worked out location- eek), there's really nothing to stop me except myself. So a goal is necessary. I'm also hoping that by spilling this all on my blog, I will keep up with the goals so I don't embarrass myself. Haha.
     Anyway, wish me luck and I wish all of you out there luck on whatever it is you're working on. Cheers!


  1. yay! wow. you are a superhero. What will your name be? The Speedwriter. So exciting (especially if you let me read it).

  2. Of course I'll let you read it when it's done. And I've edited it at least once!

  3. It feels good to get words down and see how much we have accomplished. I'm editing now, but I still want to make sure a get a certain amount of pages in a week. After all this is only edit number one. I like to get three rounds in with critqued pages in before I submit.