Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday Writes: A Flat Stanley Road Trip

I haven't done one word of writing so far in December. Yikes. I need to get outlining my new WIP, but I haven't done that either. Double yikes.

It's been a busy December so far, though. I've been rereading Harry Potter, organizing a blog tour and other stuff for SWAY's release at the end of the month, and taking part in marketing for the short story anthology THEN COMES WINTER.

Speaking of that, the authors and editor in the anthology are doing a sort of Flat Stanley like thing with the book. It started with the editor in Washington State, went to an author in Vancouver, and then on to me. We each sign the book, take pictures with the book somewhere interesting, put a little gift in the package, and then mail it on. I received it last Friday and took the book downtown Calgary on Saturday for some pictures. It was a chilly day, and my poor 8-year-old who wanted to come with me wasn't wearing a proper coat (she'd decided to dress up like a cowgirl that day so only had on a jean jacket). We both shivered and took some pics as fast as we could so we wouldn't freeze. Another bummer was that even though it was cold, there was barely any snow on the ground, which made Calgary look a bit brown and drab. Boo. It would've been fun if it was snowing to take a picture with the book while doing a snow angel or something. Very THEN COMES WINTER-ish. But no dice. The third bummer was that I wanted to take some pics inside the Stampede grounds, but it cost $15 just to drive in there and park and that wasn't happening. (FYI- the Calgary Stampede is a very famous rodeo that happens every summer.) So instead we took a quick snap outside the grounds in front of a decorative chuckwagon.

I sent the book- with a real Canadian toque and one of my SWAY cards- on to the next author in Ontario. If you want to check out the road trip so far, go to the Meryton Press website, or see my pics below.
Downtown Calgary skyline, the Saddledome where the Calgary Flames play hockey is on the left

Me, the book, and a chuckwagon advertising next year's Stampede

I don't know why this pic isn't facing the right way, but it's my signature over my story, a toque, and a SWAY card

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