Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Loves: Fashion and Full Skirts

I am definitely no fashionista, but I appreciate fashion. I follow it. One of my favorite magazines to read is People StyleWatch because it's user friendly. It's not a highbrow mag for sure, but I love the way it's laid out and a lot of what it features is affordable to the regular gal like me. 
When I say I'm not a fashionista, it's because I'm not a trendsetter. I've always worn what I feel good and comfortable in, and sometimes that's jeans and a tee, and sometimes it's a dress with heels. The reason I read magazines like Stylewatch is that I need the ideas. I need to see how outfits are put together- I usually can't visualize that kind of stuff on my own. Fashion is like cooking for me- I need the recipe to make it turn out right. Sometimes I can wing it, but usually I stick to what's proven.
Lately I've started feeling more comfortable going a little outside the box, or my box maybe. I've gotten a little more daring about trying different things. (I remember the days when skinny jeans were tapered 80s jeans and no one in their right mind would wear them, including me. I've definitely changed my tune on that.)  I like to try different things and I care way less what people think of me, these days. I've read time and time again that great style is having confidence in what you're wearing, and I definitely buy into that.
One of the "looks" I'm really into right now is the 50s full skirt. I think they are so classy and beautiful that I'm wearing one to my husband's Christmas party tonight like I did last year. (This might be a faux pas but I don't care. Besides, it's a completely different outfit.) This is the look I'm going for:
This is sort of the look I'm going for, just darker, less pastel. Pic taken from the Lace and Locks blog.
Are you into fashion? What looks are you really loving these days?

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  1. I like fashion, and like looking nice, but have neither the time nor money to stay up-to-date. And I do really like my comfort, so you usually find me in a cardigan and an elastic waistband! =) But I do love anything w/lace and sequins. Have fun at the party, and I'm sure you'll look smashing!