Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: Mockingjay and Christmas

I read Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl- it's the last of the Beautiful Creatures novels, and again... argh, I just wasn't that into it. My reading mood is really wonky right now for some reason. It's almost unfair to any book I read. Right now I'm about halfway through Thorn Jack by Katherine Harbour. I'm enjoying the book, but I have a few pet peeves. Again- wonky reading mood.

I made a little progress on my WIP this past week. A little over 3k. I have a feeling it's going to be slow through the holidays. But anything is better than nothing, right? RIGHT? I also figured out my outline through the break into act 2, so there's that.

It's hard to come up with something that works for me when it's been a fairly unproductive week therefore, nothing has been working. Ergh. But I'm gonna take inspiration from all of you who've been knocking your WIPs out of the park and hopefully get more done this week!

I saw Mockingjay Part 1 on the weekend! I really enjoyed it, more so than I did the book (SHOCKING). It was a little slow- not much action, but as usual Jennifer Lawrence totally nails it. She had me in silent tears a few times. I'm just disappointed that we have to wait a whole year for the last one.
Me and the kids put up our Christmas tree on Sunday. Fun, but crazy! And I've had a lot of church responsibilities this past month, so that's been keeping me busy.
What's up with you?


  1. Good luck with your writing this week! Slow, steady progress is still progress.

  2. I'm looking forward to Mockingjay; I didn't like the book so much, and am greatly annoyed at the 2 movie split, but well, I'm still going to see them! I sort of expected the part 2 as a May release, but you're right, it's next November. Huh.

  3. Now there's a thought. To me, MOCKINGJAY was the weakest of the trilogy. Maybe this'll be a rare case of preferring the movie over the book? I might have to see it just in case that's true!

    The tree is adorable, as are your kids, Melanie. Have a great week! :D

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing Mockingjay! The trailer looks fantastic, and Jennifer Lawrence is always brilliant.

  5. I hear you on the wonky reading mood. I'm so there. I've been less than charmed by everything I'm picking up lately. Well, it doesn't help that most of it is pure Christmas cheese lol. I think you might be right about slowing down during the holidays on the writing front. I know I usually do, despite my best efforts. Your tree looks lovely, by the way. Hope you have a wonderful week, Melanie! :D

  6. I'm with you on the wonky reading mood. I've been struggling to read anything for a few weeks now and I can't really explain why. There's a book next to my bed that I've literally been waiting a year for...and I can't bring myself to open it.

    Yay Mockingjay! I hated the book and had no intention of seeing the movie, until a couple friends (who share my views on the book) saw it and said that it's amazing. Now I'm desperate to see it. I liked the first two movies better than the books so I have high hopes.

  7. Something is definitely better than nothing! Sounds like great progress if you ask me :D

    Oooh, such a shiny tree! Pretty ^_^

  8. Yes on the whole wonky reading mood for me too. I'm reading CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE, which I should be loving since it's the last in the series, but I'm just not feeling it. As for your 3k, you're doing awesome! Be proud of that because I'm jealous!

    Were hoping to go see Mockingjay this weekend, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. I didn't expect it to be a tear jerker though. Great. I better bring lots of Kleenex because I'm a crier during movies. Hope it's a more productive week for both of us! :)

  9. Hi, Melanie! I had started reading the Beautiful Creatures series, and for the life of me, I can't remember if I read the last book. Not a good sign. Nice going on your word count, and yes, something is always better than nothing!

    I hope you have a lovely week! :)