Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: Failure

Last Wednesday I found Blue Lily, Lily Blue at Costco for less than twelve bucks!!! So of course I bought it and cancelled the book I had planned to read. Surprisingly, I'm barely halfway through right now. Reading fail.

I'm at a pathetic 5.5k right now. Writing fail. I just haven't had time, which makes me glad I decided not to do NaNo this year because I would have bombed. On the other hand, I wonder if I had committed to it, if I would have MADE the time to write. Who knows.

Right now? Nothing. I'm bombing, which I know is okay because I'll get back on track, but I can't help feeling a bit perturbed at myself. (I love that word, perturbed. It's so wonderfully awkward.)

While I got to relax and take the kids to Big Hero 6, Jeff and his brother Kent were busy doing this in our basement:I'm doing better at life than writing/reading. I took the kids to Big Hero 6 on the weekend and it was great! Super cute and the kids loved it. While I was doing that, the hubs and his brother tiled our basement bathroom. Our basement should be done soon and I'm sooo excited to have that space! I've also got more than half of my Christmas shopping done (woot!).

Yesterday of course was Remembrance Day and I made sure to take a few minutes to remember the sacrifices of our veterans and those who serve now. Lest we forget.
Here's to the Heroes
It's not until two minutes in that the song really gets started, but it's a good one. Gets me teary eyed every time.
What have you been up to?


  1. Sorry you've been a little slow at reading and writing lately but hey 5.5k is better than zero. Think positively, Mel! Also, congrats on tiling the basement bathroom and finally getting to use that space. :)

  2. What Rachel said. Some books are just harder to get in the groove with. This is your week!

  3. Yeah, what Rachel said--I was thinking the same thing: 5.5k is better than no words. There is nothing about failure there. I think sometimes we need to nest to refill the creativity well, too. Sounds like you might just be recharging. And yes, BIG HERO 6 is now up there among my favourite animated flicks. Was awesome! *fist pump - tra la la la* ;)

  4. I feel like I'm in a similar place reading- and writing-wise. I've been having the worst time getting into books and even thinking about my WiP happens so seldom. (I did have a WiP breakthrough, but that was a mere conversation and that's it.) Here's hoping we both feel inspired soon!

    That tile job in your bathroom looks fantastic! That must be so exciting to have more space available to you and your kids. I remember when we moved into our first place with a basement and how it felt like Christmas to have that extra space lol. Hope you have a wonderful week, Melanie! :D

  5. The bathroom looks great! :D

    Life can get in the way of writing. Hang in there. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Um, I need to get myself to Costco! That's where I bought THE RAVEN BOYS actually. Thanks for the heads up on that and also on Big Hero 6. It looked cute and fun, but I wasn't sure. Nice to know it was good!

    I'm jealous that you have half your Christmas shopping done. I haven't even started yet and that's just around the corner. I hope that both reading and writing pick up for you again soon. Sounds like you've been getting a lot of other stuff done in the meantime though! Have a great week! :)