Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: Winner's Edition

What I'm Reading
I read Allegiant last week and I swear I was going to do this whole post on it but I forgot and now the moment has passed. Anyway, I kinda see why people might have been upset by the ending- I think Veronica Roth could have easily done it differently and it still would have made sense- but I was satisfied with it. Now I'm reading Of Triton which is the sequel to Of Poseidon by Anna Banks. It's a fun read.

What I'm Writing Revising
Still plugging away at EPONINE. It's been slow going, especially since I had a computer/iTunes problem last week which took up my Thursday and Friday revising time. I have a feeling this is going to be a long revision because I have a lot of work to do, but I keep telling myself that's okay, it's not like I have a deadline.

What Inspires Me Right Now
On the weekend I read a very disheartening online article by a woman who loudly admitted that she looks down on wives and mothers. I couldn't get the article out of my head so on Monday I wrote my response here on my blog. I linked it on Facebook and Twitter and got a lot of positive reactions to my post. Not only did writing this response and getting positive feedback help me to let go of what that woman said, but it was amazing to hear all of the women out there who want to buoy each other up instead of tearing each other down, no matter what we choose to do in life. Now that's inspiring.

What Else I've Been Up To
It was my brother-in-laws 40th birthday on Monday, so on Friday night we had dinner at The Olive Garden (love their bread and salad) and then saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit which was a great movie, very edge-of-your-seat. Then on Saturday night we played games and had Chinese food at their house. I lost bad at Wizard but kicked butt at Settlers of Catan, winning both games we played. Woot woot! (I'm a tad competitive. But just a tad.)

What have you been up to? Link up over at Jaime or Erin's blog.


  1. Oh my goodness, I had to go over and comment on your other post. Such an important topic. Thank you for sharing that. Back to this post... Love that you are "still plugging away" at revisions. It may feel slow, but at least you are still at it and not letting procrastination get in your way. Go go go!

  2. Of Poseidon was such a fun book, I need to pick up the sequel. Keep the work up with Eponine, with each day of revision you're getting closer to a finished story. I read that article the other day on here and am still so upset by it. But it seems like the majority of people online are upset as well, so at least we know she's in the minority with her ridiculous way of thinking.

  3. Wow! I love your response to that article, Melanie. I don't yet have kids, may never have the privilege, but I would never in a million years ever shoot another woman down for having kids or for being a SAHM. Women tearing down women is the absolute worst. Thanks for sharing your honest, well-thought-out response.

    As to your revisions, I think forward progress of any sort is good! I also think that taking your time and doing it right is going to pay off *so* much more than just blitzing through it. Hope you have a great week with these revisions and otherwise!

  4. I love Settlers of Catan! A friend introduced it to me (and the rest of my friends) recently and now we are obsessed.

    I don't even want to read that woman's article (I read your response the other day, though, and go you). I don't have any time for women who want to rip on other women because they are doing something they don't agree with. Woman who stay home and look after kids are awesome! Women who go out and crush it at the office are awesome! Everyone is different and everyone's lives/goals/definition of happiness is different.

    Good luck with the revising this week! The slow-going will all be worth it in the end :)

  5. I really enjoyed Shadow Recruit, too. That bit when he's in the dude's office and everyone on the phone is taking SO MUCH TIME to give him what he wants. Sooooooo tense!!!!

    Best of luck with the revisions!