Friday, September 21, 2012

Classical Makes Me Cry

I'm one of those writers who listens to music while I write. I have a "quiet" playlist, which really isn't always that quiet. I've got some swing music on it, some Broadway, movie scores, opera, and a lot of classical and piano solo music.

A lot of these songs inspired me while I was writing Sway, because my MC and her love interest are both musicians. While my hero is more of a Michael Buble- singing jazzy tunes- my female protag is a pianist. While revising, I've given her more of a life and background. She's a Juilliard grad and plays for a Philharmonic orchestra. I'm trying to incorporate more how music would make her feel, how it's part of her like breathing- hopefully without going overboard. So I've been listening to A LOT of classical music.

For Friday Loves today, here are some of the songs that I mention in the MS and that have inspired me through my drafts and revisions. If you ever need quiet and beautiful (and heart-wrenching and tear-inducing) background writing music, these are great pieces!

Serenade by Schubert- I LOVE this song sooooo much!
Air on the G String by Bach
Piano Concerto #2 by Rachmaninoff
Liebestraum by Liszt


  1. Sometimes classical music is just perfect for writing. And I get why it inspired you while you worked on Sway.

  2. These are all fantastic choices. I don't always use classical, but I can really see how your mood could be put into the right place with these pieces.

  3. Belatedly chugging through the YA Highway What-I-would-writes.

    Now I want to know more about Sway.

    I'm enough of a musician to notice the dearth of music in most fiction (it feels like a world without the color blue) so I made the main characters of my last NaNoWriMo musicians. And I realized really quick it would take a skilled interpreter to express music on a page to the general reader.

    It made me sad, really. I'm not that skilled yet, and honestly I've never met a writer who could do it.