Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Most Likely To...

I gotta be honest, I don't see this post up on YA Highway, but a few people have answered the question so I'm gonna go for it. Here's today's Road Trip Wednesday question (I think):
What yearbook "most" category (aka superlatives) would your character win?

I really tried to think of what classmates would have said about my characters, and not what they would have said about themselves. So...

Jessica from Daze and Knights and Daze of Thunder would be voted:

Most likely to space out during every major milestone of life.

Ava from Sway would be voted:

Most likely to get married right out of high school.

I'm working on a new WIP which I've been pretty mum about. I tend to do that until I've really gotten going on it, just in case it utterly bombs. Anyway, without divulging really anything, my MC Poni would be voted:

Most likely to become trailer trash.

However, if her best friend Mark were voting, he'd say:

Most likely to save the world.

So there you have it. These aren't exact representations of the characters, rather what people who went to high school with them would have thought.

*Note: pics are of Shanley Caswell, Alexis Bledel and Alexz Johnson


  1. I'd say Ally from BEHIND THE SCENES would be "Most Likely to Get the Hell Out of LA ASAP"!

  2. WHOA! Very intriguing! I want to meet these people!

    And may I just say that I love your titles, especially Daze and Knights. The annual festival in the next town up (we live on the border and my kids go to school there) is called St. Michael Daze and Knights (we're the St. Michael-Albertville Knights).