Friday, July 6, 2012


Who here has ever felt guilt, raise your hands.

Ooh, ooh, me, yes me!!!

I swear, guilt is like an every day thing for me. There's always something I could or should have done that I didn't get done in a day.

For the past two weeks, I've written a little over 500 words on my WIP. Guilt? Yep, there it is, glaring me in the face every time I see people on twitter say how they've written 3,000 words that day, or every time I open my blog and see the same 7k looking pathetically back at me.

But there's a reason I haven't been a stellar writer. My kids. My four kids who now have no school and are home for the summer. We've been playing games like Life and Ticket to Ride, we've been playing in the backyard, my oldest daughter and I are watching the three Anne of Green Gables movies, there are trips to the spray park planned, boating, and maybe the Calgary Stampede. We've been, and will be, busy.

This isn't an excuse. It's just my life. I know I can make time for writing sometime. Most of my measly 500 words came yesterday when all four kids went to the park down the road. When writing becomes my job, I know things will be different. I will HAVE to make time. And that's okay. I WANT that. But for now, they're home. They're with me. They want to do things with me. And I can't feel guilty about spending time with them.

Will I still feel guilty over barely writing? Yes. Definitely. Especially when I read a blog post or hear on Twitter how much you've written lately. Yes you. I will try to carve out any time I can for putting more words to paper. But if my whole summer is spent laughing and playing with my children and I only get a few thousand words written, so be it.

So to guilt I say, and will keep saying: SHOVE IT.


  1. I'm right there with you, especially this week. My kids are at "camps" at their schools this summer, but not this week because of the 4th of July holiday. Plus my work schedule has been messed up, so it's been tough to find any writing time. But before I know it, they'll be grown up and I'll miss these days.

    So I agree - don't feel guilty about spending time with your kiddos. I'm loving the extra hugs and snuggles and time together (except when they're fighting) - my WIP will still be there next week.

  2. My kids are visiting their grandparents in CA for two weeks. You'd think I'd be writing (or actually editing) like a mad woman. But I'm not. I'm unpacking (we just moved), and hanging with my hubby, and exploring my new town. I keep telling myself I'll plan this awesome schedule out when the kids get home so I can hang with them, and write. But I'm highly doubting it. ;) I'm in Washington, and the sun is shining. That's reason enough to not sit in front of a computer. :)

  3. I've been feeling a lot of guilt, too. I've been spending a lot of time writing, but I always feel like I could have written more instead of spending time with friends. But I agree, it's time to push guilt out of the way. Awesome attitude! :)

  4. I agree - don't feel guilty about spending time w/your family!

    I was a college student (lol til May when I graduated) and I had to figure out how to be a college student and have a social life and also write this novel. I sacrificed a lot of sleep just to write bc I realized having friends and going out, to me, was really really important.

  5. Don't feel guilty. You are loving your children and that's amazing. Some parents don't take the time to spend time with their kids. Love that time you spend with them. And write when you can. Remember, your children are your priorities first and that's nothing to feel guilty about. :)

  6. Spending time with your kids is nothing to feel guilty about.In fact, think of it as more like research for ideas to write about. I'm sure lots of crazy things happen when you have four's got to be a great source of inspiration. Back a pen and papper. If it really makes you feel like your missing out on writing, try getting them to write a story with you.