Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: The Hobbit

I finished The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I actually like the movie better. Even though I think Peter Jackson probably could have done it in two movies instead of three, I love most of the stuff he added in and missed it all while I was reading. Like Legolas! And Tauriel! Also, I feel the movies are a little more focused than the book (which is weird), and of course a lot more action packed. Can't wait to see the final movie, hopefully next weekend.

Right now I'm waiting on a book from the library so what am I reading? Calvin & Hobbes!

I've set my WIP aside because I've been super busy, but I've had a sudden (unexpected) revision to do so I'm working on that right now. Oddly enough, I've managed to find time to work on this revision. Funny how that works...

I'm getting a lot more into outlining. For this revision, even though the MS is finished, I went through and outlined the beats from a tweaked Save the Cat beat sheet. It's helped me get back into the MS and see the spots that need work. I've been using the same outline for my WIP.

We had a family Christmas party with my husband's family on Saturday which was fun. Then on Sunday the hubs had a work family Christmas party- also fun. The kids got to meet Santa, receive a present, and this year they had stations with airbrush and glitter tattoos, balloon animals, and letters to Santa. I got myself an airbrush tattoo of a dragon, because SMAUG.
Also, #PitMad and #SFFPit happened and coming up on Friday is #PitchMAS. So much tweeting!


  1. You know what's funny? I love the BOOK version of The Hobbit so much I refuse to see a film version! ;-) Good luck in #Pitmad and #SFFPit!

    1. I definitely think we tend to like best whatever comes first. Because I saw the movie (first two anyway) first, I like them better than the book. Although, while I like the LOTR books, I like those movies better too... I think because the world is so visually there in front of me, and because it cuts out some of the blah blah blah. ;)

  2. Despite the fact that most of the Tolkien purists would hate me for saying so, I kind of like the movie versions of his books better, too. I think you nailed it on the head in your response to Rachel. Tolkien created such a visual world, it's so much better to see it play out the way he described it. Plus, he was sooooo wordy, which was a bit off-putting at times too. Even so, I've liked a fair amount of what I've read by him...just not all of it.

    It's crazy what we can squeeze in when forced to do so, isn't it? Good luck with this unexpected revision! I hope this means really good things for you, Melanie! :D

  3. I've tried to use Save the Cat beat sheets, but I find I get all confused. Maybe I am not that bright. :(

  4. Soooooo much tweeting! I think I need to give it a rest now :P

    I haven't read The Hobbit in years! Aaaand I've only seen the first film, so I'm not really in a rush to re-read it :P

    Best of luck with the revisions ^_^

  5. I have to admit I'm not much of a fan of the Hobbit movies. We're kind of Tolkien purists around here. Part of that has to do with how my husband and I got together though. Waaaay back, I actually borrowed his copy of the Hobbit to impress another (nerdy) guy. Obviously that backfired lol. But if you like the movies better that's just fine. Whatever floats your boat...or barrel! And regardless--book or movie--that's an awesome Smaug tattoo!

    Good luck with those revisions and have fun with all your Christmas activities! :)