Friday, November 1, 2013


Today is the start of NaNoWriMo!!!

Yikes. That pretty much sums up how I feel. Yikes.

Anyway, I'm posting today to say that I probably won't be posting much during the month of November. I'm going to try to participate in What's Up Wednesday every week but that'll be all as I try to write ALL THE WORDS. Or, 50,000 of them. And try NOT to die of stress and/or brain explosion.

Good luck to all the other NaNo-ers out there, and good luck too to all those who aren't NaNo-ing because they're revising or taking it slower or even just taking a break. Luck to me too, that I make it through this month.


  1. That gif really explains it all, doesn't it? Love it!

  2. You can do it! It sounds from your other posts that you've prepared well and you certainly seem motivated. I'm pretty nervous too, though. I'm doing it, but not necessarily focused on a novel; just writing whatever needs to be written or comes to mind. And seriously, that gif is the most accurate thing ever. Good luck!!!

  3. That's a perfect gif for NaNo. You can definitely do it! I'm excited to be writing on my novel and writing like crazy! Good luck!