Friday, August 30, 2013

On Being Dumb

Lately, I've just felt so DUMB.

I don't mean dumb in the way of making mistakes while querying, ie: addressing my queries to Dear Agent(s), or telling them how much my kids really want me to be a published author. And I don't mean dumb in the way of mistakes while writing, ie: screwing up the grammar during dialogue or using way way too many adverbs.

I think by now I know MOST of those dumb things writers can do (I say most because I know I still do dumb things from time to time).

No, I feel dumb in a completely different way.

For the past year (or maybe more) I've felt like I'm in a blog slump. I just have nothing interesting to say. I read other people's blog posts, interviews, even tweets, and think, wow, they're so smart, so witty, so interesting... Meanwhile, I've got nothing. No new ideas to share, nothing wow-worthy. Nothing that will make people laugh or think. Nothing that hasn't been said before, and way better than I could ever do.

What's the cure for this dumbness? I'd really like to know. Until then, I'm determined to read even more blogs, rather than less. I'll keep reading like I always do, and get back to my writing routine. I'll live my life, and hopefully somewhere in there, I'll find out how to be interesting again. Until then... any tips?


  1. I think it helps to blog somewhere else. Do you follow Gina Denny on Twitter? She's trying to revitalize a writing blog and is looking for guest posters. I have been a SERIOUS slump myself, but writing a guest post really helped me.