Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raise Your Hands, Who Would Go Back To High School If They Could?

     I watched the movie Prom last night. It was cheesy, silly, funny, full of cliches (BTW, why can movies be full of cliches but books can't? Just wondering), and I loved every minute of it. What can I say, I love high school movies. They make me want to go back to high school.
     No, ahem, scratch that last. Let's be honest here.
     They make me want to go to high school in a movie.
     I want to be Nova. I want to be Gabriella from High School Musical. Cher from Clueless. Laney from She's All That. Kate from John Tucker Must Die. Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You. Viola from She's The Man. Amanda from Can't Hardly Wait.
     You get the idea (told you I love high school movies- did I miss any aside from all the Molly Ringwald ones?).
     All these girls have tough times. Some are nerds who get a makeover. Some are overachievers who learn to relax. Some just get the guy. But they all have happy endings. And I think that's what happens when we look back at high school- we want a happy ending. I had a few happy endings. I had lots of miserable endings. I didn't always get the guy. Hardly ever actually. Do I really want to go back to all that? Have I changed that much? No and no. I don't want to go back to high school because even though I've matured a teeny bit, even though I've realized that there's a much bigger world out there, I probably wouldn't be all that different (sad).
     What about you- would you go back to high school?
     Maybe you would if there was this guy, my Crush of the Week:

     Thomas McDonell. I don't usually go for guys with long hair, but his tough-guy-on-the-outside-but-sweet-softie-on-the-inside totally won me over.
     And if he wouldn't make you want to go back, what about Zac Efron, Paul Rudd, Freddie Prinze Jr, Penn Badgley, Heath Ledger, Channing Tatum, or Ethan Embry? (AKA: the love interests in the above movies.)


  1. I want to see that movie so bad! And I love Zac Efron. And Channing Tatum. And all those other boys. High school movies are the best.

    If I could go back, I might for a day. Just to see the difference between the me now and the me then. Not too different, but I have grown up a lot. :)

  2. sometimes I wish I could go back, if only to change a few a things, but I'm afraid I might just end up making the same mistakes again.

  3. Seeing as I'm fresh out of high school... NO. I would not go back to that hellhole for all the money in the world.

    And movies get high school so fantastically wrong. Sure, I'd want to go to a high school in a movie, but never, ever go back to real high school. I figure the mistakes I made there taught me something, so why would I want to change them?

    So for now, I'm content with writing about high school. ^_^

  4. I love teen movies, I think because they usually are so fantastically cheesy and there are so many cheer-worthy moments. In real life, the bland girl isn't going to get Jake Ryan (showing my age here) and people don't randomly burst into song (well, not usually). I haven't seen "Prom" yet but when it shows up on cable, I'll be watching :)

  5. Maybe since I left only a year ago, but really... not at all! Although I get pretty nostalgic about the first secondary school I went to.

  6. I'm with you. I want to go back to high school in a movie. Although I might just go back to high school too. Pathetic? Maybe... but hey- it wasn't bad. I love high school movies. They are so much fun!

  7. I also love high school movies, although I've yet to see one that comes close to my experiences. I went to an all-girls school, but were there any secret soceities? Witch circles? Sneaking out to the fab parties at our brother school? No! LOL

  8. "They make me want to go to high school in a movie."

    YES! I love high school movies too, but I'd only go back to high school if it was one of the cool fictional ones with clearly defined cliques, zillion dollar proms, and impromptu choreographed dance routines. :)

  9. I love high school movies (although I haven't seen Prom yet), but I don't want to go back to high school! No, thanks!