Monday, May 26, 2014

Writers On Writing

Both Alison Miller and Kitty Hietala tagged me for this Writers on Writing thing that asks questions about our writing process. So here we go...

What Are You Working On?
I've just started a last revision (hopefully) on my YA Urban Fantasy MS called EPONINE. Once that's done, I'm finally going to go back to my NaNoWriMo MS. I haven't even glanced at the thing since typing THE END, and I'm a little frightened at how bad it might be.

What Makes Your Work Different?
Oh gosh. This should be easy, right? But this is one of those things where I stress- am I really all that different? Does my writing stand out? I think I'm pretty good at voice- I've had a goofy time-traveler, a slightly sad pianist, and now a dark and not-so-likeable magic user and all three of those voices have been quite different. My NaNoWriMo MC is a drama queen but I'm not sure if I nailed her voice yet.
Why Do You Write What You Do?
Four out of the five manuscripts I've written started with characters that SPOKE to me. The fifth was the story idea- the character came after. Four of the five are YA, one adult. The adult is contemporary romance, and the YA are time-travel (x2), urban fantasy, and magical realism. So why do I write all that? It's all about the ideas that come into my head. The characters that won't shut up. The storylines or scenes that get me excited. I won't rule out any genre or age group because you just never know what kind of inspiration will hit (although I'm preeeeetty positive I will never write erotica or picture books).

What's Your Writing Process?
I used to be a total pantser but I'm learning that plotting is a good idea and I need to get better at that. I plotted the most with my NaNoWriMo MS but I still think I can do a bit more before I actually start writing. My biggest issue with plotting is that I itch to sit down and start writing those scenes that are already coming to me. I need to learn to put them aside until I have the story better mapped out. Not that I will ever become a full-on plotter, but just more.

So there's me. I've tagged one of my amazing CP's, Ru, and you can check her post out next week at And Then She Was Like Blah Blah Blah or you can feel free to do your own Writers On Writing post if you want- consider yourself tagged!


  1. Loved reading about your writing process! My characters won't shut up either. And I'm totally okay with that! Thanks for joining in!

  2. Great post! Kind of excited for mine :)